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What books about training would you guys consider essential?

poliquin’s principals (and anything else by him), get buffed by ian king, possibly anabolics 2002 if you are interested in juice, and definetely not body for life. actually, i would really reccomend reading arnold’s biography. it is really motivating.

JC, I think I’ve been here long enough to know not to get Body for Life, but thank you for your concern and your recommendations.

whats the deal with bill phillips and tmag? why dont they get along?

All hail the power of the T-mag search engine. Read and learn my young padawan.

In order of which I thought of them when typing this: 1. Dinosaur Training by Brook Kubik 2. A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting by Alexei Medvedyev 3. How I Squatted 900 by Bud Jeffries 4. Fitness & Strength Training for All Sports by Hartmann & Tunnemann 5. Rock Iron Steel by Steve Justa 6. The Training of the Weightlifter by Laputin(?) 7. Mastery of Hand Strength by John Brookfield 8. Super Strength by Alan Calvert 9. Science & Practice of Strength Training by Vladimir Zatsiorsky 10. Supertraining by Mel Siff 11. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Arthur Dreschler 12. The Snatch, the Clean & Jerk by Roman & Shakirzyanov There are a bunch more, but I think I always go back to those ones more than the rest.

Why did you put supertraining 10th in you list?

Some of the books outlined above and I’m kinda partial to “Keys to the Inner Universe” by Bill Pearl. But we’re gonna add Coach Davies’ books as well. I’d say those would be a “must have”.

Would you say his renegade training for football book is one of those must-have’s?

10th because I thought of it 10th, not because I think it’s the 10th best. I said I put them in order of when I thought of them mwhen I typed it out, so I thought of a book & put it in.

Nathan listed very good books.Of course Dinosaur training is the best. As for supertraining, go ahead buy and read it, let us see how much practical information for your workouts you can obtain from that book.

The charlie francis training system and speed trap this books are amazing!


Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars

agree with Nathan Say and add Keys to Progress by John McCallum. Also add the Westside Barbell Seminar Notebook. This is not a real book and you can’t buy it outside of the seminar, but I refer to it as much as anything!

Supertraining,Beyond 2001 by Jerry Telle, Modern Trends in Strength Training, anything by Bompa, Fact and Fallicies of Fitness by siff, and the award for the book that I was excited about and ended up greatly dissapointed was Movement That Matters by Chek