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I’m reading Pursuit

I am reading “The Mcdonaldization of Society”. It is a good book so far. The book talks about how Mcdonalds has made things more efficient but at the same time produced poor quality. Also, how efficiency produces inefficiency and all of that jazz. It is a good book, and I reccomend it to everyone as well as “Fast Food Nation”.

American Psycho, (see the movie if you are too lazy to read the book, the movie is fantastic…don’t just dismiss it as a slasher, it is about much much more than that)

Finished Fight Club Sunday. Started it on Sunday too…rockin.

The Fountainhead is on the list.

Recommend Hemingway’s Short Stories–consider The Nick Adams Stories–if you’re single.
A Movable Feast–if you’re not.

Hey Dog about American Psycho. I saw the movie once, but didn’t enjoy it too much. I think I need to see it a couple more time to really know what’s going on. Like Fight Club. How is the book though? Recommend it as better than the movie?

Just finished Shogun, which was a pretty good read but left me a little dissatisfied at the end – it seemed as if it left room open for a sequel about the same characters that never came. I also recently read Procopius’ Secret History and Suetonius’ The Twelve Caesars. Does anyone have any good recommendations in the historical fiction genre?

Quo Vadis is my favorite historical fiction. It’s set in the time of Nero’s Rome … contrasts old school Christian values with decadent and decaying Rome. Also enjoyed First Man in Rome. It’s about Gais Marius and Sulla, set two generations before Julius Caesar. BTW, which law school are you at?

The book is very good but I saw the movie before I read the book so my imagination is biased. I would recommend reading the book if you didn’t understand the movie. It is basically about how Pat Bateman is desparately in search of something more than the superficial aspects of life but can find nothing. Hence he slips into insanity slowly by the lack of any meaning in his life. There is just something sad and awful about Bateman that the reader can sort of relate too. One main theme is that ‘inside doesn’t matter’ that Bateman can choose what to show people about himself but no one will ever know the true nature of his person. He passes a thousand people everyday on the street and none of them could ever guess the pain and torment he is in nor could they understand it. It is society and conformity interfering with self realization. OK, it is hard to explain but i think i have done a pretty good job. read it. ~PorchDawg

I think I may be a little older than most of you. Read all the Ayn Rand years ago. Re-read Atlas last year. I read a lot of financial / marketing / business books – usually read 3-7 books per month. Most recent fiction was S King “Black House” over the holidays. Excellent. For those that like suspense any of the “Prey” series by Patterson. This month have finished “CEO of the Sofa” by PJ O’Rourke, O’Reilly’s latest, and a couple by Kiyosaki. Anyone into Rand should read: “The road to serfdom” by Hayek, and “Parliament of Whores” by O’Rouke for two very different looks at government. Just starting “Jack” and have “Universe in a Nutshell” and a new Lovecraft collection waiting in the wings.

I read two great books recently: Happy Jack Fedder’s Mime Time, and the Zaniest Riddle Book in the World. The second one’s out of print and difficult to find.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve actually read that whole trilogy by Colleen McCullough (First Man in Rome, The Grass Crown, and Fortune’s Favorites), as well as the first two of her Caesar trilogy (Casear and Caesar’s Women) – now I’m just waiting for October Horse to come out. I’ll definitely try to find that other one though. To answer your question, I’m at Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville, TN.

Where can you find Hayek’s Road to Serfdom? I’ve been wanting to read that for years, but none of the bookstores have it or apparently can even order it.

Gotta second that vote for “The Power of One”. Just read it - excellent book. Also, Gates of Fire, about the battle at Thermopylae, was very unusual and good. Another vote for Shogun as well. To Huck: isn’t the Prey series by John Sanford? Or are you talking about something else? As for other books I’ve read recently: The History of the Atomic Bomb (superb - won the Pulitzer for 1988); The Chantry Guild (so-so, although Dickson’s earlier Dorsai books are excellent, especially Tactics of Mistake); Wittgenstein’s Poker (not recommended unless you’re into philosophy); reread The Sunbird, by Wilbur Smith (one of his best); a collection of Kipling poetry (eh); As The Wolf Loves Winter, by David Poyer (cool title, pretty good book). Yes, I read a lot.

huck, what finance/business books are you currently reading and what are your past favorites? i’m in to finance myself.

Snowcrash, next will be Fightclub

What’s Fountainhead about?

The Russian Revolution,by Robert Goldston

Amazon has Road… but only in trade paperback. Some of it is slow going. It is fascinating to see Hayek describe the nightmare he feared – “gov’t by pull” and then pick up a newspaper. He was on the money.
To paraphrase D’toqueville (sp)-- The American system will work until the public realizes that it can vote itself goodies. OR to quote O’Rouke directly: "giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teen-age boys.

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