What book is everyone currently reading? I’m reading The Fountainhead.

I think I’m gonna get The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Balthasar Gracian & Hagakure pretty soon.

“Free to Choose” by Milton and Rose Friedman. Great stuff on economy, role of government, free trade, ect.

dune, fountain head is on my to be read list though

If you’re into fantasy, try any of David Gemmell’s stuff. It’s great - not elves and dragons shit, good human warrior-type fantasy with themes of honour, duty, courage, etc.

Just finishing up Knights of Dark Renown.

“Free to Choose” certainly looks like a good read. I just finished “House of Leaves”. If the Blair Witch Project were a book, this would be it. A difficult read, but well worth it.

Nothing. But Fountainhead is one of my all-time favorites.

Just finished Tom Clancy’s “Debt Of Honor” and am now reading Black Hawk Down (after having seen the movie, which is a very powerful movie, probably one of the best I have ever seen).

“A Scanner Darkly” by Phillip K. Dick.Good shit man.Quite a few movies have been based on his books.

Autobiography of Malcolm X. I’m finding I’m getting a more in-depth portrayal of the man from the book than I did from the movie.

Finishing up Taiko now. then moving on to Fight Club then BlackHawk Down.

just finished fight club yesterday. Freakin’ awesome book.

‘West With the Night’ by Beryl Markham. Great book on an early female pilot in Africa. Actually the first female pilot in Africa as well as the first female race-horse trainer in Africa. Inspiring.

atlas shrugged, read fountainhead a while back and its definitely changed me in a lot of ways, and so far atlas has been doing the same

The most inspirational book I’ve read in the last year is “The power of one”. It’s a fictional story, but a great read.

Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy.

“The Spiritual Journey of Joseph Greenstein.” I have read about 150 pages so far. Puts my life in perspective when compared to his. I’m not even religious.

Atlas Shrugged.

Right now I am reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu and “Arc of Ambition” Both seem pretty interesting thus far…

Just finished “Underboss” about Sammy the bull, now reading Angela’s Ashes, and Get Buffed by Ian King.