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Does anybody know where I can order Mel Siffs book Super Training. I tried Amazon and Barnes and Noble.Neither place had it. Also feel free to recomend any other good books or authors. thanks

www.elitefitnesssystems.com has Supertraining. I think it’s self published, that’s why it’s not available through B&N or Amazon. I like Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik, Rock Iron Steel by Steve Justa, both available at Ironmind.com. If you’re into Supertraining, you’d probably like A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting by Medvedyev & The Training of the Weightlifter by Robert Roman & Managing the Training of Weightlifters by Laputin, all available at Dynamic Fitness Systems. It’s at www.dynamic-eleiko.com/sportivny/library/

Dave Tate’s company Elite fitness systems has this book and currently it’s on sale !!

Hey thanks guys ill look at those sites.