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Books You've Been Reading


Im on vacation and I've been reading . Up to now I've read The stranger-Albert Camus ,The metamorphosis-Franz ,Kafka the lost symbol-Dan ,Brown Essay collection-Albert ,Camus Short Stories-Franz Kafka, Gomorra the other Italian mafia-roberto saviano..I want to read a cople of Ismail Kadare books but we'll see..so what have you been reading?


Finished The Metamorphosis in an hour yesterday. I've been reading basically all day and I have a few pages left in Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. For some reason I'm diggin' the eastern writers.


A little over halfway done with Freedom and Necessity by Emma Bull and Steven Brust. It's an epistolary novel set in Victorian England (complete with the speech patterns and word usage) about, in part, the Chartist movement. It probably sounds a little boring, and possibly pretentious, but it's rather well done and fairly interesting.

I'll probably end up reading William Gibson's Neuromancer next. That or finally get around to reading The Count of Monte Cristo.


I forgot i just finished Freud-Stefan Cvajg


I found the translation of Gommorah, to be really poor. I read the first quarter of the book but had to stop after that. The film based on the book is quite interesting though.


yea but the real question is can you read Notes from Underground, The Double, and anything by Nietzche in the same day without killing yourself? You decide...

For real though did you read C&P in one day? You're a speed readin champeen...


I've been reading anything to do with behavioral economics a lot lately (Sway, Nudge, Hidden Oder)

very good, interesting reading...


The new King book, on my new Nook.


Just read "Ender In Exile" (Orson Scott Card). This is the novel that fills in all the holes from the Ender and Shadow series books/short-stories over the course of OSC's career. Chronologically it takes place immediately after "Ender's Game" and before "Speaker for the Dead".


Been reading a couple investment banking books at first I started reading basic investment books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Chasing Goldman Sachs, ect.. But now that I'm reading more hardcore investment basics books I'm finding it more difficult to finnish the books in a decent amount of time. Kinda need a break and pick up a book I'll actualy enjoy.

What's good on the new york best sellers list? hmm..


Currently reading the Atticus Kodiak series by Greg Rucka. Not really looking for anything deep out here.


Dude I hate you, but you should read Lost City of Z to kind of change your reading landscape from heady investement books to something more towards entertainment ... it's a damn interesting book and a good read...


Well I've been reading the dictionary... it's a good read... a little dry at times...


Markdp, I got you beat, I read the "Secret". Twice.


Whew, too much Kafka for me... I was on a Kafka bent a few years back, and now I can't handle him :stuck_out_tongue:

Recent reads:

"Tinkers" A++
"Olive Kitteridge" A++
"The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" A-
"The Road" A
"The Feast of the Goat" B
"The Zahir" A+
"The Year of Magical Thinking" A-

A whole bunch of shorts, including a really good Dostoevsky collection (check his shorts out if you guys are loving on the Eastern Europeans/Russians)


The Stranger is fucking awesome. I wanna start Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky. I also recently reread Watership Down. That book is a must read. I will actually have time to read more since I have graduated.


lol, that shit works. I ask the universe for lots of stuff and it usually gives it to me. For instance, I asked that all of my peers on T-Nation be more well read than me, and as you can see, I got my wish.


I'm reading The Adolescent by Dostoevsky. It's awesome. If you like eastern writers, you should definitely read Turgenev's Fathers & Sons.


The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Richard Rhodes. It's over 700 pages of writing and it's physics heavy, but it was absolutely fantastic. Aside from showing the reader how brilliant the men who made the bomb really were, it also demonstrates how much better the general population wrote 50 years ago. I strongly recommend it.


I'm reading a really wild book about Howard Hughes right now called "Citizen Hughes". It covers the last years of his life from the early 60's until he died in 1975, in which he never left his penthouse suite in Vegas. The book comes from a huge collection of his personal correspondences that was stolen from a huge warehouse in LA.

It details all of his attempts (many of which were successful) to literally buy the President, the Governor of Nevada and anyone else who needed cash. I've read some wild shit, but this almost takes the cake. If anyone out here is fascinated by the inner machinations of the federal govt and the internal power structure in this country, I highly recommend it.