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Books w/ General Workouts Like The New HIT? High Intensity for Home Training?

Hello Dr.Darden. Do any of your books have workouts (close to as many) as you have in the White book The New HIT? (2004 I think). Not specialize workouts, just regular workouts of 8-12 exercises, Like you list in the Beginner and Intermediate section for a year of training?? I know I should pick exercises myself based on my bodys needs, But I like following workouts. Also, can you tell me about your High Intensity for Home Training book? (if it ever comes down in price on Amazon I would like to get it. I have the White book and The one thats on this site (e book). Thank you

Yes, I think High-Intensity Home Training would be a good addition to the other books you mentioned. Plus, the photographic layouts in the book are the best of any of my manuals.