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Books to Read


ive read stuff from tsatsouline, ferrugia, venuto, del monte, and rippetoe. so i was wondering what good books were out there that i should read


I really enjoyed all 3 of Thib's books and King's Foundations of Physical Preparation and found them very informative. Nutrient Timing was also very good on workout nutrition I felt.


Lyle McDonald's books are decent as well. Go for Ketogenic Diet or The Protein Book if you really like science-y stuffs.


How about Christian Thibaudeau? Start with his black book of training secreats and try to understand it. It took me3-5 reads. next, theory and application of modern strength methods.Chad Waterbury's Muscle Revolution delves into physiology quite well.


first try cutting your hair


Remember that reading books is fine, but get out there and lift something as well :slightly_smiling:

Nate Green's one is good. Nothing revolutionary there, but it's still good to look through. Same with Cosgrove's New Rules of Lifting.

Oddly enough, I found Cosgrove's New Rules of Lifting For Women interesting as well, even though I have nothing to do with training women.

Oh, and everyone should own a copy of TC's Atomic Dog book.


The Education of a Bodybuilder.


power training by robert dos remedios is great. totally changed the way i work out.


Anything in particular you want to read about? Training programs, training theories, history of "the game"?

In addition to what's already been suggested, I'll point out:

Building the Classic Physique the Natural Way by Steve Reeves

Unleashing the Wild Physique by Vince Gironda

The Development of Physical Power by Arthur Saxon

Brother Iron, Sister Steel by Dave Draper

Fitness is Religion: Keep the Faith by Ray Kybartas

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan


Depending on what your goals are:

If you want to increase bench, squat and deadlift numbers - go to Elitefts.com http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?cid=93 for their ebooks and free articles at Westside barbell http://www.westside-barbell.com/articles.htm

If you want to lose body fat - as previously mentioned Lyle McDonald www.bodyrecomposition.com/articles and John Berardi http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=john+Berardi&x=0&y=0 wrote a few books as well. I particularly like the ebook by Spud and Shelby Starnes http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=CT&pid=2941&cid=

Hope that helps


Has anyone read or tried Christian Thibaudeau's "Get Jacked" program. Can you offer some insight on it, did you like or dislike?


I like Poliquin Principles. It's a bit old but it gets the job done :smiley:


Pretty big thread with folks discussing their results:




i read Thib's black book of training secrets and theory and application of... i want to read something that's more old school idk like arnolds education of a bodybuilder that's interesting. I have enough with both of Thib's books for a while so a light read would be good



Get in the gym and experiment.


For something "light" and definitely entertaining, I'd go for Draper's Brother Iron, Sister Steel.

It's got a mix of programs, general training advice, history of the sport, and Dave's anecdotes, commentary, and bio. It's easy enough to flip to a random chapter and enjoy whatever he's talking about.



Brother Iron, Sister Steel by Dave Draper


"Building the Classic Physique the Natural Way by Steve Reeves"

That title jumped out to me, I looked on amazon and they only have hard covers for $45. Is it worth grabbing or should I look around a bit?


I definitely wouldn't order from stevereeves.com. I had a distasteful and dismissive customer service experience with them when I tried to order a year and a half ago. I ended up ordering two paperback copies (one for a friend) from www.home-gym.com, but it looks like they don't carry it any more.

$45 seems to be about the going rate for it now, but whether that's an acceptable price is your call. Hardcover or paperback is just a matter of preference.

There's definitely some solid info to glean from it, as well as a pretty good bio of Reeves and a "Q + A"-type section. If you "believe in" full body training, I'd say it's a must-read. Even if you don't, it's interesting as hell to see what the guy has to say.