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Books to Learn about Hormones and TRT?

Hello, I am a young person (21yo) and I was diagnosed with hypogonadism a couple of months ago.
I will spare you all the crap but the urologist didn’t know what it was. I will see an endocrinologist specialised in male hormones next month but from everything I have read I have no reason to trust her.

Long story short I want to learn everything about hormones. I read the stickies, but I need to find some books to read. What book do you recommend and what should I search for?

Many books are bogus. The ones written by doctors are very limited as they do not have freedom of speech. Books written by body builders are bogus and contain more ‘bro science’ than fact.

“the Testosterone Syndrome” Eugene Shippen is a good first read. But predates anastrozole and he does not like injections because he never learned how they should be done.

There is more here in the stickies than any of the books that I have read, and there have been many.