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Books to Buy?


What books would be good to buy for a good read, I currently have a lot of the old books:

Mike Mentzer's 2 books.
Arnolds Encyclopedia on modern bodybuilding
Franco Columbu's diet book...

I don't want anything like Starting Strength - the wikia covers everything and it's quite basic and easy to follow without the book..

Anything would be good - Nutrition, training, philosophy, affects on the body, hormone, drugs..

I'm going to order the Primal Blueprint and Arnolds Education of a bodybuilder as it's supposed to be a better read than his encyclopedia..

So name some good books - I'm more interested in the affects hypertrophy has on the body, strength training and what happens to the body when you do certain things e.g. reducing calories too much, over training, cortisol and stuff.




Books not mentioned in this ^ thread are nutrition books by Shelby Starnes. I can't speak personally, but he is very successful with his methods.


I've always loved, "The Education of a Bodybuilder," not really and informative book, but an awesome read about Arnold from boy to oak.


It irritates me to read that. Its a great book - funny, well written and stacked with excellent cues for learning technique on some basic exercises. Of 300+ pages it has a couple about "the program" intended for total novices that gets some people's knickers in a twist but its really a technique book and does discuss some theoretical aspects that you say interests you.

Its a beginners strength training classic and to compare it with that shitty wikia means you don't even know what you are dismissing out of hand.


Sorry to offend. But it's like 40 pounds and I can't really afford anything like that right now for one great book - I know it's an awesome book... read all the reviews and what people say and that.


Fair enough mate. There is an anti-Rippetoe thing that goes on around here. I wouldn't worship him but he did write a good book.

If money is an issue, have you tried a library? Basically take a list of everything you want and if they don't have it, they can request them from libraries around the country. If you are young enough, its free of charge. If you find something worth owning then use AbeBooks to order a second hand version.


Oh, I'm definately not anti-Rippetoe man, the guys awesome...

And haha, my libaries just have books on history and geography - Health and Fitness down by me isn't the most important thing, if it isn't drinking and having fun then theres nothing for them. So it's not supported much.

I'm gonna order it after this next few books..

I'm getting:

Education of a Bodybuilder
Primal Bluprint
Priming the Anabolic Environment
And Nutrient Timing

Money isn't the issue, I normally buy one awesome book a year and a few others for a combined smaller price.


Pavel Tsatsouline: Power to the People 2.
Anthony Bova: Spartan Health Regime.
John.Wiley: Feed Your Genes Right.