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Books revisted!

Guys, I have read quite a few posts about various books people are reading. I am a bit of an information-aholic, I have a good collection of great books, including those of bompa, pavel, etc. I cant get many good ones here in the UK, and Ian Kings ‘Get Buffed’ seems to get good reviews. I am currently following his ‘12 weeks/upper body routine’ with success - is there much else that cant be found on T-mag. I am also real interested in learning more about olympic lifting, as am planning to try this in the new year. Any tips on where i can buy good stuff online about OL/Functional/BB books would be grateful

Get OL books from Sportivny Press http://www.dynamic-eleiko.com/sportivny/library/rwl.htm Functional strength books at Brooks Kubik’s site & Bill Hinbern’s site superstrengthbooks.com & Ironmind(.com).

Drax, you legend - great sites, my GF is getting a email for my ‘christmas wish list’ as we speak. cheers

I highly recommend supertraining. It’s a 450 pg. + textbook on scientific training. Although its not an easy read for everyone if you’re really into the science end of training you’ll enjoy it

Try Pullum Sports. They have a good range including many Iron Mind Books. Their number is 01582 481 174.