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Ok. I’m almost completing one year back to the gym (I’ve been out for 3,5 year before I got back).
This time, I want to go deep into the bodybuilsing stuff.

I’m very dedicated to these things, so I do everything I have to so I can get a better body. I’m not skinny neither a fat guy. I have a nice body, with some muscles but little to none deffinition.
My goal is to buy a GOOD training book and a GOOD nutrition book.
I like to read about these stuffs. I like to know why I’m doing those exercises and eating those foods everyone say I have to.

My question is, wich book should I buy?
The Book of Muscle from Ian King
The Black Book of Training Secrets from CT?

and what about a good nutrition book?

I was tempted to buy CT’s book, cause I got really impressed with his tranformation on “The Beast Evolves” and really admire what he have done. The only problem is that I didnt find it here where I live (brazil). But if it is really good and way better than The Book of Muscle, I wouldn’t mind importing it from Biotest Store.

So, what do you guys recomend me?


I reckon get both. But King’s book is quite elementary, however a great reference tome.

I haven’t read Thibadeau’s.