Books or Resources to learn more about Steroids

I’m interested in learning more and doing some research about Steroids. What are some books, websites, T-Mag articles ETC.,

I want to do my own research so I can make my own decision on this.



The William Llewellym series books:
Anabolics 2000
Anabolics 2002
Anabolics 2004

The Steroid Bible



…gawd, I can go on forever. These awould be a good starter. Good luck.

books: anabolics 2004, legal muscle, chemical muscle enhancement.

web sites: t-mag (search for bill roberts, cy wilson, brock strasser, etc)

Here are some quick answers.

T-mag search for Steroid Newbie thread and Needle/Injection FAQ will help once you get to planning a cycle and needing actual tips.

Im not sure type of info you are looking for but you could start, by:

Do a search for the following people/topics:

Steroid FAQ
Brian Bachelor
Brock Strasser
Cy Wilson
Bill Roberts

Chemical Muscle
Anabolics 2004
Chemical Wizardry

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Thanks guys,

I think I’ll look at the website first under the names you listed. Then it seems like Anabolics 2004, and Chemical Muscle came up frequently too. I’ll check them out. Thanks