Books or comic books that should be made into movies.

With recent forum talk about the Spider man movie and blade etc. I thought a little list of movies you would like to see made. Here’s mine. No real order.

  1. Dragonlance: Heroes of the Lance.(Would have to have the same production value as LOTR.)
  2. Brian Lumley’s Blood Brothers Trilogy. (Vampires, psionics, horror, sci-fi, espionage, and lots and lots of killing. Heheh. Ever kill a vampire with a bazooka?)
  3. Grendel Warchild. (Kickass nuff said.)
  4. The First. (Gods are cool. Good story too.)
  5. The New Gods. (Gods are cool. Darkseid and Orion…I love them because they kill people.)
  6. Amber. Still have to read it but I got the basic idea of the story it sounds like it would be amazing.
  7. Silver Surfer. (Make this completly CGI.)
  8. DeadPool. (He was great before he became a good guy and his comic got slowly more and more crappy.) Check out the TaskMaster mini-series for a good comic with a character like Deadpool.
  9. V-For Vendetta and The Watchmen. (Don’t know if these would make great movies but they were great comic books.)
  10. The Negation. (This is one of the best comic books I have ever read. Great story. Great art. BOHICA. Read the book to find out what that means.) :slight_smile:

“Survivor” by Chuck Palaniuk, the author of “Fight Club”. I suggest everyone read it.

  1. Elric of Melnibone 2. The Punisher 3. Captain America (the other one was so horrible, Cap deserves better)4.She 5.Musashi (the Samurai series is O.K. but someone could do better). Thats all I can think of now.

Did you not see what they did to Judge Dredd?

Dude, DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEGUN? I can see my boyfriend reading this, rolling his eyes, thinking quietly, “oh my god, do they know that my girlfriend will see this…and…and…” shudder.

Okay...let me begin with The Watchmen. Probably, no ...THE definitive comic book of the 20th Century. Period. The best damn book out there today. And yes, a movie is in the works. But it doesn't look good. Due to the people that are involved. It's questionable if this project will see the light, however. I'll keep ya posted on this one, if you'd like.

A book that needs a movie? How about Eleric? I know my boyfriend, Ko will be piping in on this one.

Top 10 - I LOVE this book. The art, the stories, the characters. Great stuff.

The Age of Bronze: Have you read this one? Wow.

I say get Vin Diesel for the SIlver Surfer

Iron Man: in the works. With Joss Whedon contracted as Director and the studio wants Tom Cruise as Tony Stark

Grendel: ya, cool.

Ghost Rider: David Goyer (who wrote both Blades), is writing the script. It's in development.

Fray: about the Vampire Slayer in the future, after Buffy. Great story arc right now. Real Good!

Metabarons: this book is by Humanoids Publishing. These guys are the ones who began the original Heavy Metal - in France. This is a interesting book. Great art.

The Death Dealer. Well, this is that famous piece of art by my favorite artist, Frank Frazetta. A book was made based on this character - but I think they could make a interesting movie.

Hellboy. Guilermo Del Toro (director of Blade2), pushing to get this one done with Ron Perlman as Hellboy. I say, GREAT! Now let's move forward with this...PLEASE?!

I could go on. and on. But, I must go home. This is starting to make my head hurt.

I’d like to see Gene Wolfe’s Book Of the New Sun as a movie. Absoulety amazining Series of books. They are haunting. The images this man paints stay with you forever. Imagine a torture who kills the woman he loves and then becomes a saviour to the human race.

I’ve always liked space-type characters like the Silver Surfer & Galactus. The Infinity War & the Infinity Crusade would make good movies. The Infinity Crusade was when Drax lifted Thor’s hammer over his head.

I kinda liked Judge Dread. Heheh. Doh. But I had never read the comic so I guess I won’t be shot. :slight_smile:

Elric of Melnibone is that written by Michael Morcock??? I’m betting you know this but they made a Punisher movie. Captain America…don’t start man that was the stupidest hunk of shit going. The part where cap is strapped to the rocket ship and grabs RedSkull’s hand is the height of bad movie making. And by She I think you mean Shi??? What is Musashi???

Hollywood screws things up too much. Very few books or comics make it thru unfucked. The Fantastic Four movie might be cool. We’ll have to see. As far as The Watchmen goes I loved Alan Moore’s stuff in the British pulp comic 2000AD and Marvel Man (Miracle Man in US). Plenty of killer stuff. Love to see DR & Quinch or Arno Snaz (Man with the Two Story Brain). Funny shit.

I started a bad thing eh? :slight_smile:

Top 10??? Don’t know it. What’s The Age of Bronze? Vin Diesel for the Silver Surfer. Hmmmmmm yeah that could work. He would have to make his voice higher though. I would just make Silver Surfer 100% CGI. DeathDealer…how did I forget about that. Good choice for your favorite artist. Mine is Luis Royo…Although Julie Bell and Boris Valljeo kick ass too. Larry Elmore and Brom rock too. Oh wait…Bart Sears for comic book artists.

Oh and if you liked Watchmen try V for Vendetta. You won’t be disapointed. For one of the best Grendel stories try The Devil May Care. I think David Mack wrote it…well whoever wrote Stray Bullets…which I hear is good.

I’m betting you would like The First if you like Godlike characters. The Negation is also one to look at…the main character Cain is great. All the other characters have super powers but they would be lost without him…even though he doesn’t have any. Really nasty bad guys. The Negation’s troops make Storm troopers look like nancy boys. Both from Crossgen. :slight_smile:

Hey is “Choke” a good book? Since it’s by Chuck Palaniuk I’m wondering if you read it. :slight_smile:

Hey, stop hogging your mom’s laptop! he he he. And you meant “Shi” - right? Well from the looks of things, Tia Carrere WAS the only one who could be “Shi” on the big screen. But it looks, of late, she’s getting rather…hmmm trying to be PC…pudgy.
Drax: I liked The Infinity Wars. But The Infinity Crusades was more for the gimmick of getting you to buy ALL these other books - for a story arc that was not that great.

OH!!! You know what I heard? That they may make a Dazzler flick! Remember her? She became a member of The X-men right after The Dark Phoenix saga. And guess who they're hankerin' to get to be Dazzler? Britney Spears. Yep, that's right. i feel rather

Gene Wolfe’s Book Of the New Sun? Is this a comic book? Please explain thanks. :slight_smile:

Julie Bell and Boris Valejo wish they could be half as talented as Frank Frazetta. Frazetta has been my favorite artist since I was around 6-years old. HE inspired me (and countless others) to become a artist. His nickname? “The Second Coming of Michelangelo”. Seriously. And he just celebrated his 74th birthday.

Luis Royo is very good. One reason I like Heavy Metal magazine. But - BROM! He's the shit! I useto love Simon Bisley (the BIZ!), but now, it's Brom. I dig that dark twisted art. For comic book artists: Brian Bolland, Mark Nolan, Mike Allred, Mike Mignola, (and my bud, Aaron Loprestri). Check out a special series (4 books), called "Batman Black and White" (1996). Beautiful black and white artwork. Beautiful.

I'll let Ko explain who Musashi was. If you know your samurai's - you'd know. I'll say this, a movie about Musashi would indeed be one major hell of a movie! Oh and Stray Bullets: read it - very good read.

Let’s see comicbooks that should be made into movies. Scion, really cool fantasy based comic. Frazetta’s Death Dealer is a given. The First, another great Crossgen title. Definitely Preacher, very over the top violence and mayhem. Lobo (as invisioned by Simon Bisley). Conan 3(with Arnold and director John Milius)a tale about his kingship. This ones in development I believe. Captain America (sans the cheap rubber suit). Recently revived GI JOE. Currently a very hot book, would make a kickass movie if done right. Silver Surfer, all CGI and the power cosmic to boot. Battle Chasers if Joe Madiuera was still doing the damn book. He’s left it in limbo in order to do video games.
If your into the “Adult” type movie, Serpieri’s Drunna would be very hot. For some strange reason I’m going to say Pat Lee’s “Warlands”

Yes Michael Moorcock wrote the Elric books, if your into fantasy then it is a must read, check out “the dreaming city”.And I did mean “Shi”, not “She”. The Punisher also needs a do-over like Cap. Musashi was one of Japans greatest swordsmen, undefeated in over 60 duels. Toshiro Mifune portrayed him in the Samurai series, great flicks, but I would like to see them re-done.

Did nobody read SLAINE comics. I am craving to see another Conan type movie made, there hasnt been one since, well, Conan. I dont think they can get Arnold to play main character because he is quite old now. I think a more buffed up Vin Diesel would be perfect for the role.

i loved the incredible hulk tv series, and can’t wait for the movie to come out.