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Books on Training and Nutrition

I’m looking at getting a new book. I’d like it to be on powerlifting/bodybuilding/nutrition. What is recommended to someone like me that has read probably every article on t-mag, I was thinking of maybe getting ian king’s complete msucle book since I’ve only been working out for 7 months, or may be the black book of training secrets? What do you guys think? Thanks

I’ve got King’s book of muscle.

It’s a good book, but for beginners. If you’ve got all your knowledge from TMag you won’t learn much. Another complaint that I had was that they take 20 pages to explain what could be explained in 2 sentances.

A better choice for a solid, base, beginners book would be Alessi’s “The Promise”

Go for the Black Book, no doubt! Information overload gold and it’ll keep you busy for a long while.

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