Books on Nutrition?

With summer coming up I’ll be having more free time and would like to be more knowledgeable about the scientific side of nutrition and supplements.

Anyone recommend good books on the matter?

I have a few books by Shelby Starnes. He is highly regarded for getting people into contest ready condition.
Lean Gain Principles.
A Simple Guide To Very Low Carb Diets.
Tips And Tricks For Dieting Success.
These books can be bought for around $15 each.

x2 on all the Shelby Starnes books, you can pick up his triple pack at elite

Depending on how scientific you want to go a strong understanding of biochemistry, Anatomy and physiology helps a ton with nutrition and being able to look at supplements claims a little more analytically.

Good calories bad calories by Gary Taubes, he also has some good lectures on youtube