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Books on Mental Side of Training

Any recommendations? Im looking into psychological improvemnts to my lifts & fights…

In pursuit of excellence (elitefts.com)

[quote]archiewhittaker wrote:
In pursuit of excellence (elitefts.com)


Damn, i just sent an order to them 2 days ago.

ironmind by strossen.

[quote]sjfou wrote:
Any recommendations? Im looking into psychological improvemnts to my lifts & fights…[/quote]

Mind Gym by Gary Mack was excellent. He’s got a big history with baseballers but there were many other sporting examples in the book.

Probably not the best structured book I’ve ever read, but the content was excellent.

What about ‘‘The mental edge’’ it has good revives on Amazon? Is it really good?


Ironmind and Winning Ways by Strossen.

Mental Toughness Training…I forget the author.

Don’t be fooled by the title… The Inner Game of Tennis.

It is a quick read and should be a requirement to anyone pursuing a competitive endeavor.

Yield Not!

[quote]archiewhittaker wrote:
In pursuit of excellence (elitefts.com)


If you’re referring to the book by Terry Orlick, then I’ve also read and really liked it.

“The Mental Athlete” by Kay Porter is an awesome resource and has some fantastic mental drills for learning to understand what being “in your power” consists of… it’s different for us all, obviously!

Anything by Dr. Jack Singer is a good read. He’s touted as being a real sport psych gurus.

Dr. Bret L. Emery has written some great literarture on disordered eating in high perfomance athletes and touches on some great messages for overall healthy living. Can’t remember the name of the publication…!

Stu Mittleman’s “Slowburn” was recommended to me by Tampa Terry and though his focus is really on ultra-endurance athletes, he provides a great framework for anyone interested in taking their sports to the next level and also has some really interesting thoughts on nutrition. A great read for anyone trying to learn more about basics of nutrition. He’s definitely a motivator, though!

Dr. Jim Loehr is also a favourite of mine. He “merged” with Dr. Groppel to create the Human Performance Institute, but both of them have produced cool work on their own.

Groppel wrote a book called “The Corporate Athlete” which I really enjoyed and of course, Loehr is well known for his book “The Power of Full Engagement- Managing Energy, not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal.” Kind of a mouthful, but a sweet read!

Human Kinetics has also put out some more great titles. Hit up a local bookstore and you’re sure to find some titles not mentioned here. Good luck!