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Books On Improving Form?


are there any good books on how to improve your form for all lifts? cause all i have to say is i have pretty shitty form in alot of exersizes lol


What are you expecting the book to tell you??

Just lighten the weights so you can control it in the way you need to. Poor form is the result of not being able to stabalise the ammount lifted.

Also remember "form" can be subjective. "Good form" on the bench for a powerlifter is different from "good form" for bodybuilder, because their goals are different....


Not exactly a book, but if you do have crappy form in a lot of exercises, I think it could be better to spend the money on hiring a good coach to teach you the moves for real.

Otherwise, www.exrx.net is a nice place with good exercise descriptions.


Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore is designed for coaches training beginners the lifts, but i've found it really helpful. It is very detailed in form problems, and provides a lot of information on how to correct it. I know quite a few other people who really liked it too.


I bought this book a while back...

Strength Training Anatomy

It uses illustrations to show you the muscles worked for various exercises and gives text descriptions of what to do.

I found it at the local bookstore, but it seems fairly cheap online.


Agreed. How will a book help this guy? He already knows what his form should be, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to identify it as being "bad".

An instructor/coach will be able to use proprioception and guidance so he will know what good form FEELS like and which muscles he may need to concentrate on etc.