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Books of Dan John?

Hey Guys

I just read ‘Mass Made Simple’ and checked out the other books of Dan John.

Now I see, all are about Training and Programing?
Can anybody explain whats the difference between those books? Which one should I read first? Which one can I skip? Which is the ‘best’? And why?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Love Dan John’s work a lot!

Never Let Go and Easy Strength are the other two of his books I’ve read. Both were great reads and many others seems to agree

I read reviews of the books and all were great (never let go seems not to be that good).

But for me, the titles are confusing, is there an order? What about ‘Intervention’?

Just look at the publication dates. They are most likely stand alone books, so no “order”

Okey, thanks for your input! I just tried to understand, which book contains what. So I am an intermediate lifter, which book can help me the most!

All of them.

Knowledge is not constrained by dates.

I just bought INTERVENTION - going forward through those books!

“From the Ground Up” -can download for free from his website -full of gold

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RampantBadger AWESOME - reading it first :slight_smile:

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“Can You Go” My favorite from DJohn

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My favorite is “Easy Strength”.

It’s a collaboration with Pavel Tsatsouline.
The main idea of the book is increasing Strength in athletes who already train in a main sport.
They can’t afford fatigue that may impair their specific sports training, and they can’t afford too much time either.
“We are runners that lift, not lifters that run” as an analogy.

It also includes the Mass Made Simple program, albeit summarized.

The other books he has are more geared towards coaching others and training philosophy.
Easy Strength is more practical for personal application in your own training.