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Books Men Should Read

Any thoughts/recommendations?

For you? Easy.

Relevant post is relevant:


"the black count"
It’s a biography of Alexadre Dumas’ father. Dumas was the author of the count of monte cristo, 3 musketeers, etc. Apparently a lot of the content of those stories is based upon his dad. He grew up in the Caribbean, overcame tremendous racial obstacles to become a general in the french army, and one time single-handily captured 12 enemy soldiers. It’s a cool insight into a real man’s man.

& it’s a wee bit fantastical for my tastes, but I enjoyed the Alchemist.

Also, the love languages book (men’s edition) is great for guys looking to better communicate with their gals.

The top books I have read lately are:

  1. Atlas Shrugged. It’s a looong book but I found it compelling.
  2. The Fall of Giants. If you’re a history snub, you might have appreciation for this book. It’s WW1 through different perspectives. You may find yourself sympathizing with the Germans after it

“Thus Spoke Zarathustra” was a fantastic read for me. I like a lot of Nietzsche’s work, but this was a very enjoyable and illuminating experience.

“The Myth of Sisyphus” by Camus is a bit of a long climb, but hits a helluva crescendo when it gets there.

Do not read Atlas Shrugged.

I did.

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What’s wrong with Atlas Shrugged? Did you read it before making an opinion on it?

Yeah but then you have to go back to page one and start all over again.


It didn’t do anything for me, personally, but a lot of people typically recommend Iron John for men.


Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

The Rise of Teddy Roosevelt - Edmund Moris

Washington’s Farewell

1984 by George Orwell, or indeed anything by George Orwell. Very insightful, on human nature. Same again for Voltaire. Candide holds the answers to the mystery of life.

Just read anything, sci fi, classics, psychology, philosophy, whatever, except feminist or post modernist literature.

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Yeah, 20 years ago. As well as everything else she wrote. Then I wised up.

I only ever read Atlas Shrugged of her books, I thought it was a pretty great one. Love to hear an argument against it, get a little book club action

Stalingrad (Beevor)
A War Like No Other (you need to stick through the more academic stuff)

I will say, I love atlas shrugged (No, my username is in no way a reference to the book)

That being said, there is a cult-like fervor surrounding the book at times, and that I do not agree with. It is entertaining, it is a good fiction story, and I think the political message it sends is a strong one… in a book entirely tailored for that message. I don’t think the book should be taken as gospel, nor should it be viewed as a historical or reference piece on capitalism. It is a fiction book, same way as Narnia. And like Narnia can be appreciated without buying into Christianity, I think that atlas shrugged can be enjoyed without buying into capitalism because… well its fiction. Of course everything works out, the author decides the ending haha

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This is one of my favorite books:

hell of a book, he came to speak to my school a few years back. Amazing guy, damn good officer

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That’s awesome.

It was one of the first books I read after becoming a young NCO in the Corps and it was pretty impactful.

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The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene~

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As I live and breath … and a good book recommendation to boot!!

How have you been?