Books, Links, References...

Thought it would be cool to have a thread for people to add anything interesting to that would help others…

Anything from nutrition to how to pull a truck! :wink:

I think that most people are already aware of these, but just in case…

Search for local powerlifting meets:

Find a PL friendly gym:

Exercise Index:
*if you ever get bored with your routine, or would like some funny looks from other gym members, check this out.


I checked, and the closest PL gym is about 2 hrs away…

Maybe Ill meet someone with a barn or cool garage, lol!

I found this article, thought it was interesting!

I actually took my temp this morning and it was 96.4…am I even alive? lol

North American Strongman

Personal Best, the first ever book dedicated entirely to the sport of Strongman

More great lifting videos

96.4, isn’t hypothyroid fun! Really messes things up doesn’t it. Have faith there is light at the end of the tunnel.


USAW home site.

It’s got records at state and national levels, and planned meets across the country, as well as rules and… well, pretty much everything the governing body of weightlifting should have on their website.

Nothing in Texas, though :frowning:

I really like this site to read about the nutition information on foods.