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books for sale?

Does anybody have a copt of Ian kings “Get Buffed” or Charles poliquins “The poliquin principles” they would like to sell??

What is a fair price for those? I have both and am willing to sell them, but I don’t have any idea what a fair price is. I also have several other King books and video packages I would probably sell if anyone is interested. Any input?
In faith,

I just checked amazon.com - Someone wants $325.00!!!WOW!
In faith,

I have get buffed and Ian kings videos for bench, squat and deadlift. I would be willing to trade for a couple of months for some stuff you mightr have but not willing to sell.

I would consider getting rid of Get Buffed and How To Write.

i have both…make me an offer i cant refuse.

poliquin principles is going for 63.35 at amazon uk-76.10 after shipping