Books for a Teenage Newbie

Hey gang. My 14 year old kid brother, who lives halfway across the country from me, wants to start lifting weights. Since I can’t be there to help him out myself, I’m trying to come up with some books for him that’d be a good, solid introduction to weight training technique, program design, and maybe even nutrition. So far, I’m thinking Stuart McRobert’s “Insider’s Tell-All Guide to Weight Training”, or whatever it’s called, would be a good start. I dunno if “Get Buffed” would be too advanced for him. Anyone have any opinions on this matter or any other suggestions? Thanks very much for your input! (P.S.: Yes, I realize T-Mag is a great source of training info for peeps of all training ages, but I’m looking specifically for books in this case.)

Zev; I make take some flak for this, but I’ve ALWAYS maintained that “Body-For-Life” was an excellent primer for a beginner…its reads easy…its simple…and you’re almost “spoon fed” how to set up a program. And this is for Cardio, Workouts AND nutrition…

John Mc Callum’s “The Keys to Progress” is the best weight training book I’ve read so far. Get Buffed would be next, but more advanced. The Keys to Progress good because it has a good attitude towards the sport constantly enforced throughout the book

He’s 14? Get him one of the female bodybuilder books, something by Rachel McLish or some other hottie. It’ll teach him the basics, and you can be sure he’ll at least look at the pictures!

suprise, suprise I also think body-for-life is a great book for him. but ANYTHING by McRoberts would be great for him, GREAT FOR HIM. (gee which one do you think I think would be GREAT FOR HIM). also I think you have alot of things to think about before you recomend that he come to t-mag. peace

I feel ya, man. That’s why I’m asking for book suggestions as opposed to just directing him here.

Zev- Remember, T-mag does have a newbie section called “Dawg School”. You may also want to print him out my old “Youth Gone Wild” article.

As for book, I always liked Arnold’a Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. It was updated a couple of years back. Still, some of the workouts are a bit much for the drug free lifter and the diet info is pretty dated. But, the pics of the basic exercises are good and Arnold is very motivational. I’ve heard a lot of good things about “Keys to Progress” but haven’t read it yet. Ian King highly recommends it, though.

14? um…perhaps you should send him a few of the t-mag articles, but avoid sending him to the actual site address. Considering some of the things that come up on the forum …not to mention in the ‘Gang’ articles… you probably don’t want him telling your mom you sent him here!!! The ‘Body for Life’ book is pretty basic and step-by-step, and shouldn’t overwhelm him from the start. I’d say start him off there and give him something more advanced in a few months. If you over do it at the beginning he may lose interest.