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Books By Berardi & Francis

Was visiting both sites today. Looking to order new material.
Does anyone have any feedback on any of the videos or books from either site?

Would liek to order Thibeadau’s Black Book of Training Secrets, BUT ITS ONLY ON EBOOK FORMAT

For John Berardi, I’d get his Precision Nutrition packet. As for Charlie Francis, I’d start with his Charlie Francis Training System.

I dont recall seeing either of these on the 2 sites?

[quote]MNguns wrote:
I dont recall seeing either of these on the 2 sites?[/quote]

Not sure which sites you were referring to, but


Not all that familiar with Charlie Francis. I did go to his store and all that I saw there were e-books which you’ve already mentioned are not an option. He did have some dvd/ebook bundles though

Training for Speed is great. I was worried about the e-book format also, but it’s not like I travel so much that I have to have a hard copy anyway so it turned out just fine. The book itself is an outline of his system (obviously) but it’s geared toward sprint specialists. It might be the perfect book for you, but it really depends on your goals.

Honestly, you can get a LOT of what’s in Thib’s books on T-Nation by reading his atricles, though Theory and Application was a great read. I haven’t read the Little Black Book.

CT’s Black Book is available here in paperback. Wish I would have read this years ago, info is A1 but the format needs to be revised to be more reader friendly. But you’ll get over that once you learn the material, I love the Olympic Lifting program.