Bookmarks - Creating a Filter?

I just wanted to ask if there was a possibility of creating some type of filter for the bookmarks to be pushed to the top of a category. For instance you have Latest, Unread, Top, New. You could easily add the “Bookmarks” button there.

It would be easier to comb through information I find relevant without having to search for all the bookmarks I created.


Right below bookmarks is a drop down for the level of notification you want. Just hit tracking and you’ll see ‘unread’ every time there is a new post in that thread.

I see what your saying, and maybe I didn’t make myself clear in what I was asking.

For instance, I am usually in the Wendler forum, there are always bits and pieces of information that I like to review that I don’t necessarily respond to, but the information is gold. So as topics get old and pushed further down it becomes difficult to find. So I was hoping we could just filter all the bookmarks I have for a particular forum be pushed to the top…

Awe, I see what you mean. If you bookmark something, you can click on your icon, in the top right. Then click your name. Once you get to your profile page, on the left is a bookmark tab.

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You can use the site’s search feature, hit “options” for Advanced Search, and choose “only return topics/posts that… I’ve bookmarked” [in the dropdown menu]. Similarly, you can narrow the search to posts you’ve liked and/or you can narrow it by the member who made the post (if you’re trying to find a post from Wendler, Thib, Alpha, whoever.)

It’s not so much a pre-set filter, but it should let you zone in on posts that mention whatever you’re looking to re-read without having to scan through each individual bookmark.

Oh ok I see…Not what I envisioned, but yes that will work.

Thank you sir.