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Book You'd Like to See As a Movie?


The title seems pretty self explanatory. What books would be great if you turned them into a movie?

Personally I think Angels and Demons would be bad ass.
I've always thought The Golden Compass would be awesome too, and then they went and made it (it better not suck).

Anyone else care to share?


Yes, I wanted to see the Golden Compass, Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass (all of the His Dark Materials trilogy) as movies, so they better damn well be good!

Other books would include some of the Raymond E. Feist novels....

hmmm, can't think of anything else right now but there would be a lot.


I'd love to see a good, modern-day adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles. And go all out to make it scary as hell.


David Gemels drenai series featureing the character Druss.Hes like a more realistic version of conan,very cool books.


I want a non-shitty movie version of Timeline.


I do not understand the praise of the His Dark Materials trilogy.

I'm not trying to make this into a religious debate, but those books are very offensive to the religious (especially Catholics).


I am not familiar at all with this. Would you care to elaborate?


'The guv'nor'

written by this man about himself



Complete Foundation Trilogy, Isaac Asimov. But not like the crap Hollywood called "I Robot".


I'd go to see a good Fahrenheit 451.


I'd pay to go see that. Lenny McLean was the man.

There've been some great documentaries about him but a film of the book would be outstanding.


The Warlords Son, but I think it would just come across as another Syriana with different twists.

Also Life of Pi to be created along the digital movie lines of the Lord of the Rings, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe etc, but it would be told as a narrative from chapter to chapter.


I'd love to see Dan Simmons' Hyperion quantos (4 books) made into a movie. Unlikely though, since the Catholic Church is cast as the villain... But the faster-than-light travel gimmick is unequaled in all of science fiction.

Not really book based per se (although there are books) but I'd really love to see a well made Halo movie.

Niven and Pournelle's "The Mote in God's Eye" and "The Gripping Hand" could make great movies.


Clive Barkers Imagica or Weaveworld would be good.


The books are about killing God.

I reference wiki because of my limited internet access:


Ender's Game, which supposedly is being worked on.


I think a couple of the main things are that in the books, each person is guided by a "daemon" which is a part of them. The religious would think it is demonic.

Also, in the story there is a knife called Aesettr, or the God Killer, which is the only knife capable of "killing God". There is a faction of rebel angels (and men) out to kill the one sitting in the highest throne, who is an ancient angel called Metatron.

So the "God being killed" in the novel is an angel who has been sitting in the throne calling himself God - so Christians should be cheering to see an impostor outed from that position just like Lucifer was in the first rebellion.

The story involves parallel universes, travelling between them, and so forth, by cutting a hole in the fabric of reality with this knife.

I did not find the stories offensive; they are just fantasy and meant to be taken as such. I still can't bring myself to pronounce 'daemon' as demon though, because of my own religious upbringing - I still say "daimon".

Pretty much anything offends the religious anyway. Harry Potter offends the religious. Lord of the Rings offends them. Rock and Roll offends them...nudity offends them...anything from another religion or even another sect within the same religion offends them...


The Magisterium in the book is similar to a version of the Catholic church, and it portrayed in a negative light.


The author is a self-confessed atheist, but I do not find the theme to be anti-Christian.

They're not really all about killing God - that is an event in the plot, but it's more about an adventure between a boy and a girl.

For religious sake in the story, I take it that the god to be killed was an impostor and that the real God prevails in the background unseen - that's my personal reading of it. It's a principle of Gnostic Christianity that the God of the Garden of Eden, the Old Testament god, was an impostor - a Demiurge; a violent, bloodthirsty tribal war god; and that the God Jesus is talking about in the New Testament is the true God, of love.

As for the theme of the rejection of organized religion and the abuse of power in a fictionalized Catholic Church, we have seen plenty of atrocious things done in the name of God by organized religion, and the abuse of power by the Catholic Church have been real historical events - i.e. just look at the Inquisition and so forth for example. There's no need to find that theme offensive because it's just making people face the truth of what HAS been going on.


I'll be curious to see if God in this movie is supposed to be the actual deity or an embodiment of a very oppressive religion and consequent society when actually practiced as it is preached.

It seems like the movie will be in support of "pagan" viewpoints, which were violently stomped out of the mainstream, redefined and buried by propaganda in the middle ages by a dominant christian church.

I would imagine the intent of the story is not to offend, but to demonstrate views of altruistic, mystical, exestential etc ideas that have existed in religion longer than the Vatican and it's "one belief is the only belief" mentality.

Christianity seems to be a mix of Zorostrian, Judaic, Sumerian and other "middle eastern" religions that existed long before the bible or any of it's renamed characters. Many believe the catholic church combined beliefs of the different regions it's previous Roman Empire controlled in order to appease the people and keep power. Over the years and through inquisitions, they stomped out the same beliefs they preached, because credit was given elsewhere. Today, we have a religion that is taken as an original and the only correct one, which is historically not the case at all.

The original Pope/Roman Emporer was a member of a Roman sun cult. I don't mean to offend, but I think that if the movie plays history correctly, it will create curiosity and instigate research in to what is real and what is really just thousands of years of propaganda and censorship.