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Book: 'Wheat Belly'


By William Davis, MD

Shugart has mentioned this book in a couple posts, so I picked it up while I was traveling this week.

There are some pretty compelling things in there. While he's heavy on personal anecdotes (ie. not controlled studies) about patients, he does site studies and data that are worth thinking about.

One premise of the book is that the wheat we consume today is genetically different from the wheat 'we' consumed 100 even 50 years ago. Genetic modifications have increase yields but the modifications were never tested before approved. USDA recommends that we eat much higher proportions of grains, which if these claims are true is creating a nasty feedback loop of increased illness.

Another premise is that whole grain wheat flour products have higher GI's than some sugars and even white bread.

He talks a lot about celiac disease and the rise in rates of celiac and celiac-like symptoms.

If you're already neurotic about food, tread lightly.

Anyone else read this?

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Wheat-Belly-Lose-Weight-Health/dp/1609611543


Well, I'm glad that I haven't eaten wheat, or even anything with gluten in it, for the past 2+ years.


I was wondering why Shugart hates wheat so much. I follow him on twitter, and he occasionally posts stuff bashing whole wheat food. I'd count myself as neurotic about food, but seeing as how I've leaned out eating/doing certain things I'm not going to count them out just yet. I'll definitely check this book out as soon as I can though.

And Westcoast any noticeable changes that you can note off the top of your head from not eating wheat or gluten? If you can remember life with wheat?


WC - Do you have celiac or an allergy?

I know my comp changes drastically when I drop the bread. I don't think that I'm completely intolerant of it, but may have a small allergy. I notice acid reflux when I start eating significant amount of bread or if I get on a snack kick.

I know that I feel better without it in my diet in large proportion.

I had always suspected that bread (wheat) and I didn't get along, but the book pointed out some details that, while I never realized, they make sense.


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Yes, I've noticed two huge differences. The first is digestion, everything goes much much smoother without wheat. The second is energy, might seem weird, but once I eliminated that and utilized other healthier more nutrient dense carb sources, my energy levels were much greater and much more sustained.

Their have been numerous other minor benefits as well (like clearer skin), but digestion and energy have been the standouts by far.

PM me if you want any more info.


Nope, just do tons of reading and research, and want to do what's best for my body. After looking through the studies and then trying it on my own, I've seen the difference it can make.


I was going to say that. Since removing wheat as well as overprocessed carbs my skin/complexion has been much better. I would class that as a major benefit, especially when trying to book work.


I don't eat wheat as a carb source, but whenever I eat like shit (on Saturdays), there's a lot of wheat-eatin' (pizza, pancakes, etc).


I'll second this.

Avoiding wheat makes me feel great, only have it once it a week normally in the form of pizza generally.


For those of you who are anti-wheat, I am curious to know what some of your carb sources are. I am not talking about fruits and veggies, but what other foods do you get as carbs ?


Rice and potatoes mostly.


x2, especially on potatoes.

Get a cheap ($50) french fry maker, pop those bad boys in the toaster oven for 30 min and you'll never look back. Not saying I dont enjoy pizza occasionally but I also get the turtle belly and GI probs as BBB mentioned.


Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato.


Wheat makes me tired and gives me acid reflux and makes my stomach hurt. No allergies whatsoever.

I'm eating rice instead. Even that is not 100 % for me. Potatoes are too fast carbs and make me tired like wheat.


gee thanks, just as I've been eating WW bread again. I haven't done bread much for a few years and have been getting it lately for sandwiches and toast :smiley:

seriously though, I am more anti-bread when it comes to fat loss and I'm not interested in that right now.

thanks for the book recommendation though


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I have never liked the texture of brown rice, then again, I have been known to each some rather funky shit in general when it comes to food.


Quinoa. I go through it by the sack.


You got as lean as you are in your avatar with quinoa ?