Book titled 'A Prextext for War'

Hi there, has anyone read this book? Its by a man named James Bamford who is I believe an investigative journalist. I was wondering if anyone has read it what you guys think of it. I think it is pretty factual but I am new to reading about politic/war type stuff and don’t know if he is biased or not. Any help from guys like Lumpy, tme, JeffR and so on would be appreciated. What books/reading material do you guys think is informative? I’m willing to read from both the left and right wing authors. Ok thanks a ton for any help anyone can give me.

“What books/reading material do you guys think is informative?”

Honestly, as far as books, almost nothing that is being currently produced about politics. The quality is low and the only motive is taking advantage of temporary news trends in order to sell as many books as possible.

If you want informative pieces, I’d start with online articles from reputable political commentary magazines (National Review, Prospect, Atlantic Monthly, etc.). The writing is usually sharp and consistent, even if you don’t agree with the point.

Emphasis on ‘reputable’.

Also, avoid any bestseller claiming to be a damning exposition of censorship in this country - its very existence as a bestseller refutes its claims.

Try “American Dynasty” by Kevin Phillips, a book about George Bush.

Kevin Phillips is a respected conservative author who has written books on other presidents, as well.

I’ve heard “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” by Greg Palast is a good one.

Ok thanks much guys. By the way I’m reading a book ‘War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning’ by Chris Hedges right now. It is not about a political stance or anything but really good if anyone wanted to check it out. Thanks again for the replies and take care.