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Book That Would Help Me Get Started?


Hi there i just been reading on this site for couple of days trying to learn enough to put together my first cycle. The best stickies post i seen was steroid newbie cycle planing, the stickies with shadow q&a are lot of stuff that isn't helping me much.

So i was just wondering if there's a book with allot of information in it. I've been reading for 1 1/2yrs on another site, about workouts, nutrition, and supplements. I just getting at a point where i want the extra help to gain muscle. so any recommendation will be appreciated.

just a little information on me
I'm about turn 32
15% body fat
I've been working out for 2yrs


That sticky is enough for anyone to put together a basic first cycle. If you really want to learn more about aas then pick up William Llewelyns Anabolics. There is a ton of information in here. There is also a ton of information on the Internet for free. Or just on this site by reading these forums.


I think you need to learn more about diet and training first.


I'd agree but if someone wants to learn (about anything) I'm all for them reading.


honestly, i think most of the steroid books are outdated now. i've seen a few update certain bits, but still push old data or old cycles. and they're not cheap, at least not the last time i looked...

i would suggest learning how to navigate various online medical journals... JAMA, PubMed, etc....


I've done the ALLPRO, ICF 5x5 and now im on Fierce 5. I know my Macros and ive been cutting but temptation holds me back some. I know when the time comes to do a cycle i gotta relearn my self on work outs and nutrition which i imagine its a different game. Im just wanna be prepared when i think im ready, thats why im wanting a book to educate my self.


Journals and such for most can be quite convoluted and hard to find solid information on. I'm studying ex and sports science and trying to weed out a half decent study isnt easy. For most these forums would be the best option without getting confused. Especially seeing as a crapload of articles have to be paid for with subscription an abstract wont really cut it getting the right info.


Why are you cutting? Just focus on putting some muscle on your frame and you'll end up with those abs popping through but with some muscle to go along with it.

The best way to learn about AAS is the internet. Find multiple sources and see what overlaps between them all. Until you can grasp the basics you can't really begin learning why certain things work one way and not another.


Here's the problem. You need to understand what "extra help" means.

Creatine is "extra help". Tribulus and DAA are "extra help".

AAS shut down your natural testosterone production, disrupt your natural hormones and may cause certain chemical imbalances in the brain. Some of these may be permanent.

Are you commited enough to warrant undertaking these risks? At 167lbs and with 2 years of training under your belt, I suggest you train for a few more years and then decide if you have enough dedication to make this a lifetime sport.


Why are you cuttin at 167lbs?


I was cutting because I read you put more muscle on between 10-15% bf, now I don't know if that's true if your doing aas. I have been using extra help like creatine, daa, and I'm currently doing ape which is a test booster.