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Book Scrawny to Brawny?

Hey I’ve been following the Scrawny to Brawny book. I figured some other people on here do… I don’t understand Phase 4. Maybe someone who also owns the book can clear my confusion… or even JB…

It has an upper-body workout A, workout B, workout C, each having 4 exercises that are supersetted. Then a,b,c for lower body.

I’m wondering if these are to be done all in one day. Or alternated each time you work out.

I’m thinking all in one day… which kind of sucks because supersetting doesn’t really work at the small gym I go to… and this routine not supersetted will probably take me at least 2 hours to complete.

Anyone Know?

BTW Its a great book!

3 years ago I borrowed this book from the library on a whim. I ended up buying it. 3 years later I can say that I still think it to be a good book. So, I was able to pull it from the shelf to answer your question.

All three, A,B, and C are to be performed in one session. Superset the 1 and 2 before taking any rest. I know Berardi wants you to rest 90 sec before doing the set again but, I personally believe that you shouldnt wait that long before repeating especially if you feel able to repeat the set.

A1, A2, rest, A1, A2, rest until the three sets are done then move on to the next pairing. This workout should only take you 45 minutes to complete. It goes against everything Berardi teaches in the book about the whole ecto, short workout session thing to have you go longer than 45-60 minutes.

Like I said, I think its a good book with some pretty good nutritional and programming info in it. But dont let that stop you from thinking for yourself and learning whats right for you. IMHO a lot of the exercises are geared toward injury prevention and arent that beneficial for building muscle.

Good Luck