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Book Review

T-Brethren, wassup! I just finished reading the book Anabolic Muscle Mass: The Secrets of Anabolic Reinforcement without Steroids by Dennis Weis and Robert Kennedy. Despite the catchy and somewhat misleading title (it’s a book solely on the subject of training) and the fact that both authors are regularly featured in several different BBing Mags, I thought this was a pretty decent read. While it is filled with some supah dupah high volume routines of the genetically gifted pros (which I found to be quite insightful and neat to look at), it advocates training techniques for the average non-steroid using bodybuilder. There are tons of different training ideas and programs, exercise descriptions and references spread throughout the book (almost seems like an advertisement in some places but is nice if looking for further info). Overall, I think there is some valuable info in the book and I might throw some of the ideas out at you guys from time to time. Up next on the reading list: Dave Draper’s Brother Iron. BTW, anyone have/read Parrillo’s Training Manual?

Timbo,thanks for the review.Let us know if you like Draper’s book(he owns a gym and lives close by).Ive already got a sizeable stack on my to-do list, but if its good I’ll certainly add it to the collection.

General Ulisses S Grant…I will definitely keep you posted on the situation with Mr. Draper’s–the Blonde Bomber’s–literary piece, sir! Just playin’, buddy, but I’ll let ya know. I receive his weekly newsletter and like it very much…he’s also got a decent website (very good actually)…those are the primary reasons I picked the bad boy up…Johnny K also gave it five 45-plates on the iron scale in a recent Stuff We Like.

Timbo, could you run through a quick synopsis about the training programs/techniques for the average, non-steroid using bodybuilder? I’ve recently been trying to garner more information about training like a bodybuilder rather than a strength trainer, so needless to say, I’m pretty curious. Thanks in advance, Timbo. BTW, “Brother Iron” is damn good. I recommend it highly. Peace.