Book Review

If someone here has red “Poliquin principles”, I would like Hear your opinions. I am writing my own review to my website and I would like to include other opinions to the page to supplement my review in order to make it more subjective. Please mention if you want your name included.

I have read it and I think that it is great if you can get past the excessive price. Acutally the book is almost worthless if you read testosterone articles, especially the old Question of Strength articles written by Poliquin himself. I have read many posts complaining about his workout frequency suggestions not allowing for enough time to recover completely, but I have not had that problem, because aside from lifting weights I never get my fat ass off of the couch. But personally I think that Poliquin is a genious when it comes to training and nutrition, I also think the man is hilarious, even if he is a goofy looking bastard.

Howdy - well luckily for me, it was the first ‘proper’ weight training book I read, about 2 months after I started lifting. It’s given me great base of training experience from the very start and enabled me to build a good, solid foundation of strength, size and knowledge to progress from. One thing I’ve noticed though, is that the information in the book has given me more proficiency in effective workout construction than I’ve noted in most personal trainers and gym instructors (in Australia). I don’t know that the information would be of huge value to a seasoned trainer, but for beginners it’s an excellent buy! Cheers, Mark.

To start off, I don’t want my name included in this one. Anyway, about my opinions about the book. It is definately not for the beginner. Also, the author doesn’t go too much in depth with his principles. I wish he would elaborate on a lot more on his ideas. I really didn’t gain much knowledge because of this. The book was expensive also. At forty bucks, I would use that money for supplements. If Poliquin revised this book and elaborated more on his principles, then I would consider buying it again.