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Book Review: Steroid Bible

This is for all the newbies still trying to learn (like myself). I am by no means an anabolic authority, but I bought this book, “the steroid bible” to try to catch up.

The book does a good job giving information from a “neutral position” giving both the pros and cons of using gear. I also like that the book assumes you know nothing about AAS and help to explain everything in a manner that will inform a reader new to the topic.

The book also discusses in pretty good detail, drug testes and a profile of each anabolic. It also give medically perscribed strengths, so you can compare the relative potency of drugs as well half lives.

Where the books is weak is discussion of PCT. It doesn’t introduce many of the drugs commonly used today, as well as it’s “pyramid taper” is out dated and obsolete.

Over all, I feel like it is a good book for a beginner, but if you have been studying hard for an extended period of time, it probably won’t be worth your money.