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Book Recommendations


Not a training topic so hope it’s ok to post this here…
What about some book recommendations? Can be about training, philosophy, auto biographies anything. Also if you can add a little reason why without giving to much away.
(531 books are a given)
So I’ll start:
Mindset by Carol Dweck. A psychology book about the different mindsets we have as people. Mainly a fixed Mindset and a growth Mindset. It focuses on not limiting ourselves and our progression by adopting the correct Mindset. Worth the read alone for the part on raising your children and giving them better chances of success.
Next: Mr Nice. Autobiography of Howard Marks. Sometimes true stories are more fascinating than any you could make up.
Over to you…


A modern classic…


I second Stone Cold Bone. Meow.


I just bought Machiavelli’s ‘‘The prince’’ and so far I love it

I’m not even half way through,so this video will do a far better job reviewing the book than I would

It’s also as cheap as it gets too


Will definitely check this out…


The Wisdom of Uncertainty by Alan Watts


There’s a lot of YouTube videos of his talks. Some pretty thought provoking. Have to check the book out


‘Extreme Ownership’ by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin


This great. Any of Stephen Ambrose.


Just read a free kindle book from amazon called ‘the universe doesn’t give a fuck about you’ it’s a really small book and free. To sum it up in a sentence would be this…“fuck fear, Life’s way too short…do awesome shit” …something that is good to remind ourselves sometimes I think.