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Joel, for such a young cat you seem to have a huge knowledge base. Any chance you could recommend any books that you’ve read? Whether it be anatomy/physiology, diet, training… whatever. I’ve read Get Buffed, one of Bompa’s periodization books, The Metabolic Typing Diet, and I’m in the middle of the Omega Diet. I’m mainly interested in learning something about physiology. Thanks.

If you want a good Physiology book, check out Exercise Physiology- 4th Ed. The authors are Scott K. Powers and Edward. T Howley. It’s a textbook, but it’s overly difficult to read and comprehend. The ISBN# is 0-07-235551-4. It also includes a CD-ROM tutorial. You might want to check out the site at Higher Education Support | McGraw Hill Higher Education

I also recommend Pavel Tsatsouline's book, Power to the People! It will change the way you train and especially the way you look at strength training.

Poliquin's books are also good.

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What are some good diet, nutrition books?

I agree with Joel, Poliquin’s book’s are excellent although if you buy his Modern Trends in Strength training, and winning the arms Race then I wouldn’t recommend buying his audio CD. That was kind of a waist of money in comparison to his books. On the T-Mag forum I found the diet manifesto, which has some excellent diets on it.

Pick up a copy of EAS’s Sports Supplement Review 4th Edition. It’s worth the 4 bucks shipping (I’m pretty sure that’s all you have to pay still, just the shipping). It’s 200+ pages and a ____ load of info. Other than that, just read the articles here at T-mag (i.e. massive eating, foods that make you look great naked, etc.)

Ori Holfmelker's Warrior Diet was pretty interesting, although I'd never actually do it myself.

The Anabolic Diet gave me some insight on ketogenic diets, and also contained other good info. Best of luck,

JasonL - tough question. Most diet books are very faddish and don’t contain really solid information. I like a lot of different training books, but can’t recall a really good diet book. Optimum Sports Nutrition by Dr. Michael Colgan is a good resource for basic information, but the caloric and macro breakdown is not usefull information. Other than that book, all of my diet recommendations and ideas are a mix of articles, class lectures, textbooks, forum posts, emails and journal articles. Vince Andrich’s Sport Supplement Review #4 also had some good information.

Maybe somebody has had a better experience with diet based books, but I have yet to see a really good comprehensive one that was not faddish.

There are a ton of useful/good books - the key question is what is your background. I mean if you have had the basic chemistries, AnP’s and metabolism classes than the books to read shpould be higher level. If not, that popular press is the way to go.

One comment regarding EAS’s SSR#4 - while it may have its followers, didn’t Vince lose his job at EAS over it? The book itself is a nice marketing piece for EAS that speaks of egocentonic writing without much basis in science. However, I do like the workout stuff that was included, but the nutrition info is very iffy. A better book is Sport Supplement Encyclopedia edition 1 by Antonio & Stout - see for more info
If you want a list of academic texts, let me know

Thanks for the responses Joel and Jason. I already have EAS’s Sports Supplement Review 4th Edition and have read all the diets on T-mag. I just like reading new stuff and learning more. I might try sport supplement encylopedia. Is that the one with JMB in it? I might also give Pavel’s and Poliquin’s books a try. I have not ready any training books besides what is in t-mag and other BB magazines.

Mcardale katch and katch’s sport and exercise nutrition is a nice simple nutrition book that explains stuff in a reader friendly format, although it stays well within safe limits with its recommendations for certain nutrients ( it also has calorie/nutrient counters in the back for plan foods and certain restaurants). If you are looking for an advanced nutrition book groff and groppers advanced nutrition and human metabolism is very good - and even if you are not quite up to that level or prefer more mainstream media books it is nice to be able to double check and statements the mainstream books make. A good easy read in regards to anatomy and physiology is martini’s fundamentals of anatomy and physiology - lots of simple colour pictures which clarify stuff no end.

I agree with both Doug and Jason. Sports Supplement Encyclopedia by Stout and Antonio is an outstanding, unbiased resource. Likewise, Optimum Sports Nutrition by Colgan was the book that first made me realize how truly important nutrition would be to my success. It’s a quick read that will definitely give you a solid foundation with which you can approach a variety of diets.

Just thought I’d add that Colgan has a new book on nutrition coming out soon (or is it out), but I can’t remember the name…maybe The Sports Nutrition Guide???