Book Recommendation for Pro Football Player

i am professional football player.
i am familiar with strength programs for 5 years (ss,5X5 etc).
this year i want to work on my strength not during the off season only.
i think the the best to my self would be 2 times per week template.
my routine include 6 football training, another two plyometric and sprints training and the rest two should be strength.

english is not my main language so i cant read all 531 books. its very difficult to me.
which book will explain the things i need the most ?
i thought about the last book- beyond 531.
am i right ?

thank you so much guys. love this forum.

If your new to 531 you should start with the original or second edition. It’s good to get an understanding of the base program for a few years.
The problem I see with most people is they try to add on to much or even worse write their own variations.

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And the English level is not very high. I am also not a native English speaker, but the second edition and the beyond book are pretty easy to understand!

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Does he speaks about professional athletes that go to the gym as assistance and not as main sport?
So you suggest to buy both of the second edition and after I must read the beyond?

He talks about the big picture, how training fits in with life. On his website, he also talks a lot in regards to athletes and training. He had a 531 for athletes, and there are numerous testamonials on coaches/athletes whom have used the program successfully as part of a compete program (weights, conditioning, skills practice, etc.)

When in doubt, the 2nd edition is the go-to since it lays out the principles in greater detail. OR, you could wait for his upcoming new book, which apparently focuses on complete programing.

It’s important to note that strength is strength. There is no sport specific strength training. It looks like you have everything else covered. Now you’d use the standard 531 program with the appropriate assistance work 2 times per week. That would be a good place to start.