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Book Question - Anchor/Leader Clarification



I’m getting through the new book and am amazed at the wealth of information. I’ve been a fan for years, have all of your books, and even spoke to you years ago when I was buying a rack from Elite. You always exceed expectations.

I am a bit confused as to which programs in the book are Anchors and which are Leaders. For some, it is super clear, like right in the title or description. However, for others, it’s not really indicated. Anything I’m missing here? I know it’s probably right in front of me, but I am just having some difficulty grasping this.

As always, many thanks.


those that don’t specifically say “leader only” - have an “anchor” version of the program, i.e., those look to be paired up with each other.

It’s pretty easy to pick these out…


I had a question on this too, it sounds like you can do any leader followed by any anchor, but the recommended percentages to start could be different. So you might do a leader that allows for a 90% TM but then start an anchor that is 80 or 85%. I thought the idea was to not reset TM between leader/anchor, only at the end or before you start a new program.


Every single program is defined - as well as how to use it for Anchor/Leader. Be sure to read it thoroughly.

The TM question is also answered in the book.


Thank you Jim. I have been reading it in short spurts this week due to work. Plan to dig deep this weekend.


My advice to anyone who has 531 Forever: Read it twice before asking anything. Defintely all comes together. Don’t be a d-bag like me!