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Book of Muscles Any Good??


A couple of months ago i bought the book "Book of Muscles" its a menshealth book and it talks about the scientific part of building muscle, how to eat, different exersices for the whole body, stretching, and it gives you a begginners, an intermediate, and advanced workout plans, and for each workout plan for instance the begginners plan is for like 6 months, and intermediate and advance are also. I would like to know if anybody has read this book and if these workout plans are any good because i want to start doing them but i dont know if they are any good.

PLease any help is greatly appreciated thanks everyone this site is one of the best ive seen that has informed me alot.


Is this the Ian King book?

Ian is a contributing author to this site. I believe that book is actually reviewed somewhere here on T-Nation.


Ian King is a very respected trainer, writer and contributor to this site. He is extremely knowledgable and very well written. Find out more about him at http://www.kingsports.net/


yeah it is the Ian King book. Where can i find the review for that book?


theres nobody that knows??..:frowning:



Search engines are a wonderful thing.




I've completed his 12-week programs here in T-Nation and I've completed his intermediate program in the book. Yes, the workouts are "good." Ian King trains Olympic atheletes. It's not neccesary to do anymore research. Don't fall into "paralysis by analysis." Go to the gym today and start the workouts today.


Awesome man you made me feel much better with these work outs. I have a question for you. Two exercises that i kinda understand what they are but how to execute them i really dont understand. The first one is the thin tummy. Do you just ly down feel your lower abs crunch a little and tighten them to make them come together or is it different?. ALso the push up hold do you just lay on the floor on your stomach and go into a push up position, push your self up as if you were doing a push up and hold for a little and then come down? Isnt that just doing a push up?. Im kinda confused on those two. Thanks for all your help!!


You can do this standing, sitting, or lying down: just pull your stomach in as hard and as far as you can. Then hold it for half a minute or so (and keep breathing, by the way).

Yes that's "all there is" too it. You ensure that your mid-section is tight, so that you form a solid bridge between your toes and hands - don't let yourself buckle down to the floor.

Some of the exercises may seem simple - and indeed in your case, you might find some very easy, especially as you don't carry any excess weight, but they will still help you develop some muscles.

Other ab exercises, such as hanging leg raise might be more challenging for you.

As for Ian King's book - I too have a copy. I prefer Chad Waterbury's workouts, but it's purely a personal choice. Ian has a great approach to exercise management (push/pull). At your stage of development, you will make great progress following any of these workouts. Just make a start, take it easy and worry more about getting your form right than pushing yourself with really challenging weights right now. Once you've got the techniques honed-in, then start going for maximum intensity to meet the exercise repetition targets.

One golden rule that I have learned from Chad Waterbury's writings is to NOT go to muscular failure during a set of repetitions.

Regards and take care,