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Book of Calories


Does anyone know where I can find a book that counts all of the nutritional content of foods? I am unsure of how to count calories, fat(different types of), carbs, proteins , etc. I eat food prepared at the Dining Facility and all they have is the caloric count of a half cup of the food served. So if I can find a book, that'll help me tremendously.


Check out this website. They have calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc. for just about any food you can think of.






I just bought a BOOK at borders for 7 dollars. While it isn't a "pocket" book (Its almost 2 inches thick!) it is definitely a glove compartment size book.

Just flipping through the pages I saw it had info on not only regular food (nuts...fruits...meat...veggies) it also had listings for restaurant foods.



James and I have an older version of this book. It's great. They definitely call it The Complete Book of Food Counts for a reason. I've always been able to find every food I've looked for.


jd_dd, Big_Country, Lonnie123, halfpintdd, thank you all for your response. I'll definately check out all of these websites and all of these books. Now I'm just that much closer to achieve my goals.


i usually just type in the food I'm eating into google with the addition of "calorie" after it. Seems to work well so far.