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Book Now on Sale, 20% for First Two Days


Just wanted to make sure everyone knew you can now order the new 531 Forever book at jim wendler’s website, and it’s on sale for a short time. He also has some cool apparel on there, which show your support of Jim and the 531 method without looking like a shirt with some lame crossfit exercise slogan.

I’ve been aware of 531 for a few years at least, but for some reason dismissed it and never learned what it was about (let alone trying it). I think I assumed it was some overly complicated, prescribed method that would be boring, and be only applicable to aspiring power lifters.

After actually learning what the program was about, I started the Beyond 531 1.1 - 1.4 and have had more fun with my training, and feel better, stronger, and more athletic. At first, 531 seems overly simplistic but that’s the charm of it. I like how the program keeps you grounded and progressing, and for whatever reason the framework of the 531 main lift, supplemental work, and assistance makes great sense when you’re in it. It has a Zen feel to it, as if this is the way we were meant to train. I also like that Jim is pushing conditioning and mobility, which I’ve been diligent about for years and agree that it’s vital piece to the overall program (which is too often neglected). I was messing around trying to design my own programs (because, you know, I know WAY more than guys like Jim) before getting into the 531 program. Strangely, it still feels like my own personal program because of the use of my TM, the assistance lifts, etc… but, unlike something I would design, it is actually a program worth doing.

Looking forward to getting book. Keep up the good work!


Agreed. I have the original book, and just bought the new one (plus a hat and a new shirt), and am looking forward to it.

I went with Starting Strength almost a decade ago at this point, full GOMAD and all that, and went from 142 lbs soppin’ wet to 213 lbs fresh in the morning, post-piss.

I’ve been running 5/3/1 5’s PRO, 5x5 FSL, with the pushups between deads and squats (sets of 10 between all sets), and the pullups (moving to chins at point of fatigues) managing to get 5 reps between all sets. I listen and do the Agile 8, and jumps, before every session, and do anywhere between 60-100 reps of pull/push/ab work after every session, depending on the movements. I walk the 2 miles 4 times a week, and do sprints on my bike (I race) several times a week. I also eat POMAD, in addition to the other non-shit I prefer to consume. Running this program without messing around, I have become more interesting, virile, my beard has thickened, and has generally shown my superiority to those around me. It’s neat.


How has everything gone for you since committing to 531 in whole? Like your lift progression s, the way you feel, move, etc?


Never felt better. I do the right thing, which is start low. Maybe too low, I guess, but I just start with the bar and add 5 or 10 lbs for 5 reps until the bar slows or my form gets shitty. So progression is a non-issue. I feel great, train to compete in BMX and BJJ. Agile 8 as prescribed takes care of any mobility issues, plus I get regular chiropractic care. I am agile as fuck. I also study when the rest of the family goes to bed, and I’m not extremely exhausted constantly, as I would be if I was pursuing short-term progression.


I have been doing the Beyond 531 1.1 and now 1.2 pretty much exactly as written. I do the agile 8 plus throws/jumps before.

The system I have been doing calls for a 531 lift followed by 5x5 (or 7x5) of 75% of another lift. For example, tomorrow I will do 531 for bench, followed by 7x5 for squat at 75%. I follow it with 50 chin ups, 75 pull downs, and 100 side bends. (I do the prescribed assistance exercises on Beyond 531 1.1-1.4). On the non-lifting days, I play sports (soccer lately), and/or do weighted vest walks. Once a week I do sprints and a 1 mile run for time (I aim for 6 min), and I take a fairly tough yoga class.

The biggest difference since starting this is the improved mentality of not lifting 5-6x per week, the boring workouts I was getting into, or the “everything and the kitchen sink” programs I would tend to do if I planned my own training. I have been getting stronger (I got 7 reps at 225 lbs on bench this week; I weigh 170), and I feel better and more competitive when playing sports. (I was tending to feel drained when competing, now I feel fresh). Somehow, the program seems freeing even though the workouts and progressions are prescribed.


You don’t do chins between presses? BLASPHEMY


No, I am a sinner.

But I do band pull aparts between presses, if that validates my existence in any way.


To update, the new book/apparel has already been shipped from orders taken a day a ago. If you’re on the fence, you might be swayed if you knew items were shipped out ASAP. (I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I know it’s a small operation).

Also, I’m always one to support those who give out lots of good info, much of which is free. Hell, you look at many others and they want $100 or so for a PDF of one of their programs. I’d be shocked if the book was not worth its price.


Says 15% off, not 20%.


The sale goes down 5% every two days; 20, 15, 10, no sale. The codes are on the website.


You missed it dude.


My life’s story. :cry:


Do you know the difference between 20% and 15%? … it’s $2… stop being a baby.


LOL, I was joking around tough guy. I wouldn’t buy that book for FREE let alone $40! Suckers! How many books do you need to buy and read before you understand how to program for yourself dummy? LMAO


Irrespective of knowing how to program, I bought the book to support Jim.


If your only metric for the effectiveness of the book is to…

then, you’re missing out on a lot.


Any news yet on when this will be available on ebook or kindle. Shipping and the exchange rate to Australia makes this book a bit exy !! Or maybe I’m being tight.


3 months roughly is what I saw somewhere elsewhere. Not sure though


If you read the e-mail re shipping, it says that the shipping info is pre-prepared. Mine is still in pre-shipment stage as of today. I’d like to get my hat and shirt first, but am happy to wait. Hopefully the book is received earlier than some other pre-orders I’ve been involved in…


Yer thanks, I saw something on facebook last night where Jim said about 5 months before to is available as an on ebook / kindle.