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Alright, this October I read:

The Adding Machine -Elmer Rice
Alexander Hamilton -Ron Chernow
Glory Road - Robert Heinlein
Cato - Joseph Addison
The Constitution in Exile - Andrew Napolitano
The Autobiography of Ben Franklin - Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson - R.B. Bernstein
The Jefferson Bible - TJ Himself

Now that you kids know where I'm coming from, I want some light reading before moving on back to more of the stuff I'm reading now. I'm looking for some good, easy, enjoyable fiction. Recommendations?



I pretty much read only non fiction, which I think are much more interesting than anything anyone can make up. Plus the writing skill is so much better.

I you want to read about a real T-Man try Peter the Great by Robert K. Massie

I do like some fiction Authors

Tom Wolfe - A Man in Full (long book)

I used to really like the Spenser detective books by Robert Parker - Tough guy Boston PI

Clive Cussler - undersea adventures with Dirk Pit

Tom Clancey

I'm really not familiar with any current hot authors. I have really not seen anything in B&N that would interest me


Yeah, I know I'm getting picky here, but I'm trying to avoid your everyday paperback authors. You know, the guys that right mysteries and stuff like that. I'm looking for something like The Road by Cormac Macarthur. That kind of fiction. I'll look into that Wolfe book though.



I haven't read much good fiction lately.

I just finished Whale Warriors, a non fiction book about a bunch of crazy vegans trying to stop Japanese whaling in Antarctica. Cool book.


I also just listened to the Great Gatsby on tape. Never read it before. Suprisingly good.


Are you by chance in prison? just kidding, although that's a lot of reading. I read Fahrenheit 451 awhile back it's a pretty damn good book. by Bradbury I believe


Nice suggestion. Farenheit 451 is actually my favorite book and one of the few I have read multiple times. One of the goals of my life is to write a novel to go in what I call the pantheon of political fiction: Farenheit 451, 1984, and Brave New World. I consider them to pretty much be 3 chapters to one book.



48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. An interesting read, even if you are not power hungry. If I'm not mistaken you are joining the military, it might come in handy.

Pick it up and flip through it, I think you will enjoy.


I have a teenage. So, a lot of what I am reading are books designed towards teenagers."teach them to fish and they'll eat for a life-time".

Warrior Heir-Cinda Chima
Wizard Heir- Cinda Chima
-super fast reads-
Harry Potter-Rowling

Black Angel-John Conolloy
SubZero-Robert Ludlum


Currently reading Little Big Man by Paul Berger...really good in a Mark Twain kind of way.

Read some Kurt Vonnegut if you want to get into a great author that you could almost mistake as non-fiction. He was a chemist and an anthropologist (I think) so his stuff is a bit different than most literary works...he's actually classified as science-fiction, but it's really not...kind of....Slaughterhouse 5 is on all the lists of books you should've read in high school or college...


The Great Gatsby is, well, great, but short, you can read it in a day.

Great long Novels I have read in the past year, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.
The USA trilogy by John Dos Passos, about life in America at the Dawn of the New Century up through WWI and the roaring twenties.
Life and Fate by VS Grossman, about the Battle of Stalingrad, written by a russian war correspondent who was there.


"last and first men" by olaf stapleton, to get some perspective.

That and "Starmaker".

Read it or don´t.

As in, do read it.


I'll second Kurt Vonnegut, my favorites being Cat's Cradle, Breakfast of Champions, and Galapagos.

Chuck Palahniuk also has alot of good, quick, fiction reads. Fight Club, obviously, and Choke and Survivor are ones I also enjoyed.


I've read all of Chuck. Fight club is the only movie I've seen that was better than the book. I like Lullaby the best out of all his books.



I can read the collected short stories of Hemingway over and over again. Simple, straightforward, powerful writing. I first started reading Hemingway when I hitchhiked out west from the east coast in 1979. I ran out of money in Ketchum ID. Cool place. Too bad he blew his brains out there.


About halfway through with This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

For some reason I was thinking about The Great Gatsby the other day (which I read back in high school), and ran out and picked this up.


Ahhh....tough call...I thought the book was better..ending in the movie sucked.

Movies better than the books also include:

Witches of Eastwick
The Shining


Things Fall Apart and Ragtime are good, easy reads.

I know these aren't fiction and probably not what you're interested in, but here are my last few "change of pace" books: Braniac, Innumeracy, and The Know-It-All.

More movies better than the book:

The Running Man
Forest Gump


Authors unknown
Black Mass
Gates of Fire
1421 the Year the Chinese Discovered America
33 Questions about American History You're not Supposed to Ask
World War Z
Zombie's survival Guide

These are all great easy to read books