Book: Anabolic Gameplan

Ive been considering getting this book or Chemical wizardry. Has anyone ordered anabolic gameplan written by Dino Strong? It looks like a great book all of your cycles are there planned out for you. Just wanted to get some info about this book or others like it.

You could waste money and have your cycles laid out for…Yes, or research yourself and obtain the same knowledge of mixing and matching hormones and cycle building for free.

Im hard pressed for time as i work seven days a week 12 hour shifts. So having a book with all the research right there already done for me in most definately not a waste of money.

i have read the book at elitefitness. Its an o.k book which does outline some strong points on injection frequencies of common steroids, but most of the info is online or pretty much common sense from reading so there is really no point buying it imo. But if you do have money to spend, it would be a great buy alot of good information in there if your a busy man like u say. Just don’t be reading it at work in front of your boss.