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Can some one tell me the best way to use an anadrol(20 tabs) and tamoxifen(60-120 tabs) stack and not get any boobs of my very own. my wife’s are sufficient for my needs. Please don’t recomend any other drugs because I can’t get them. Keep it real on the forum.

Dude, the 20 A-Bombs will last you 20 days (tops) and the Nolvadex @ 1 per day for the 20 days + 2 weeks after should be much more than adaquate to combat gyno. 350mg/wk is really small dosage. If its your first cycle you might get a little something out of it. A longer cycle would do you more good, 6 weeks or so & keep the Nolv on hand.Best of luck! Geech

The tamoxifen will be useless in this cycle as anadrol does not aromatise but can cause gyno through its progesterone like effect. Winny is your best bet on the cycle as it will block the progesterone effects.

If you are not unusually sensitive to gyno,
and maybe even if you are somewhat sensitive, using Anadrol
alone generally is no problem especially at only 50 mg/day (which should be divided into four doses per day.) It’s
when you stack it with an estrogenic drug
that it becomes vicious.