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Boobs That Changed Your Life


I'll go first.

Pamela Anderson (thought man boobs are crazy)


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Stephanie Seymour. I would guess that the first 100 to 150 times I jerked off were to pictures of her in Victoria's Secret and Playboy.


And of course, Phoebe Cates. Oh, what perfect little tits she had, too!


Heather Thomas


Cat Loving boob


My wife's surprisingly firm 34GGs. Obviously I married her for her personality :wink:


This thread coming from the guy who called a moratorium on satire threads!

There were so many missed opportunities over the years that I missed due to that moratorium!

I'm kidding, as there were a few too many back then...like three real threads with each one having a satire of it on the main page too.


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Most of my gifted manly genetics and characteristics were from my mom's side of the family.

I fondly recall looking into her eyes as I nursed and knowing she was the strong silent type. I just wished she would have shaved when she brought snacks with the other room mothers for school field trips.


This is she at Dubai souk a couple of years ago. That's as much of a photo as I dare put up :slightly_smiling:


Michelle M., seventh grade.

I don't know why, of all the seventh grade boys, she chose me. But she did, and they were glorious.


Damn were these pics taken in the Great Depression or what?!?! All are excellent choices though


im old


Kelly Brook.




Big fan of Baywatch Boobs as a young buck. But as I've gotten older and wiser, I've found myself a lot less interested in fake boobs. I guess it happens after seeing too many strippers with botched boob jobs. Plus, it's all about The Feel. Am I right?

I'm also blessed to be married to a stunning long-limbed woman with natural DD's who also works very hard to keep herself in good shape.



Cant tell you how many times I used to spank it to Wild On E! when I was a horny teen. Would burn through a pack of socks a week.


Me too.