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'Boobs Please I'm a Doctor'



81 year old Florida man poses as doctor and goes door to door offering breast exams.


Are women THAT dumb?

I mean the dude didn't even wear gloves!


I heard this on the radio this am. I think it is hysterical but I also find it even funnier that these women fell for it.


Honestly. In a situation like that, the judge to should fine the women for stupidity....because let's face it, if it wasn't him, it would be someone else.

"Hi, I'm a doctor...and would like to see you naked...to check...your health"

"A doctor?"


"Why the Krocs?"

"My feet sweat"

"You smell like Cisco"

"Just saved a wino with a heart condition"



Do you ever wonder why you actually work if you could part idiots from their money?

The truth is, if we lowered our standards just a little bit we could be driving Ferraris.

Well you couldnt, but Porsche makes a nice SUV.

Come to think of it, Id rather have an Aston Martin.


White women. What you going to do.



Yes, I just don't see this going the same in 3rd Ward.

They would likely be doing a news story about a wannabe doctor going missing.


I just think about my wife (Mexican) and all her family.

Be one dead dumbass try this in the valley.




Well I know what I'm being for Halloween.

Trick or Treat... or just trick actually!!

October 31st is a free pass right? RIGHT!?!?!?

Hello Houston, how dumb are you?


"sexually battered"



I mean it was consensual right?

How many times has any and every dude told a chick something she wanted to hear to feel her boobs? Even a husband giving a wife a bullshit apology...



True. Things like:

"I love you"
"you look fine in that dress that does NOT make your ass look fat"
"yes dear, your story about how everyone at work hates you is very interesting and inspiring...I am just yawning because of a rough day at work"
"No, I actually LOVE that you cut all of your hair really really short. It does NOT make your head look big or your ears look like they stick out which would detract from your breasts".

These are all statements so we can have sex and eat sandwiches.


If more people were fined for being dumbasses we might eventually cure stupidity.


So true. I've learned my wife runs out of steam if I agree with her about the "ole bitch at work". I can even expedite the situation by getting very angry and expressing righteous indignation at the horrible situation .


And of course "No way your best friend is not prettier than you!" Double negative intentional.

"Say what"

"I need to something outside."


I must say though...I LOVE sex and sandwiches.


Totally. Roast beef all the way please. Get it?


Go for it.