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Boobs From Protein


Now that I have your attention from this ridiculous thread title I will ask my question: I remember reading somewhere that a diet super high in protein could actually lower testosterone levels. Is there any truth to this, and how much protein would that be?


50gr of protein. Any more than this and people will think Anna Nicole Smith is still alive.

Too soon?


Off the top of my head, a diet high in soy protein?


"too soon" ???

HAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAA. Best response ever. Thread over. Next!


It has been shown that a diet that is high in protein, but not in either carbs or Fats tends to decrease T levels. Make sure you get ample amounts of carbs and fats, so that your hormones have a fighting chance!

If your reading articles written in FLex magazine about how certain guys eat 600 g a day of protein and nothing else. Remember if your "ON", your body doesn't need the fats to produce your natural levels.


Uhm...What about those fighting the war against their "Fat Boy" genes, where Carbs and Fat are like flippin' Kryptonite??? (Guess you havent read the "FFB Manifesto" in the articles section, eh?)....