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Boobies on the Rise in California


And you thought this was about...

Lets see what this thread turns into.


Blue footed boobies you say?


It's all about the boobies.


Males get laid based on how pretty their feet are and how nice they dance.


This applies to blue-footed boobies as well.


How you doin?


I'd be SOL on both counts .....


Well its like choosing your coitus partner based on dick size.


Here's a guy with a pretty big Dick.

Would you choose him?


Not saying thats how I make my choice...although points are given for whether it looks statuesque and handsome.

And whether he knows how to use it....which Cheney, I think we can conclude, does not.


Yeah, Cheney has been known to discharge his gun prematurely.


I thought this thread would turn into this.


You were hoping this thread would turn into this, weren't you?


Keep them coming. please


Knowing this place I thought it would start right off the bat, but then V and Beth started talking about Dick. I had to bring this back on point.

Did I hear your Grandfather passed? I am sorry to hear about that.


Yeah, last weekend. Thanks. Parkinson's had pretty much robbed him of his body and arthritis was causing him constant pain though so there was definitely mercy in death, though.

Sorry to bring things down, please continue with the dick and boob talk ha


Back to the topic at hand.


Im pretty bummed about my flat chestedness right about now. the fact that I can do that with my ass is no consolation.


Oh, it should be. Many of us notice a nice, round, firm derriere before a buxom chest.


Yeah, but can you do it in a pair of red Elmo shorts? Pics or it didn't happen.