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Boob Job's

How do men and women feel about boob jobs? I had mine done about eighht weeks ago. It is a long slow road to recovery but so worth it! I have been a gymnast all my life and had always wanted to keep a tight physique and low body fat but have boobs. Now I am so happy I have ‘my’ complete package. Just in case anyone want’s to know I was 31A now I am a 31DD… Bloody Fab!

It is hard for me to give an opinion on this subject without photographic evidence.

T-mag has a photo forum, ya know! :slight_smile: You’re the “dancer”, right?

It seems you all require photographic evidence. I can only post bikini shots! I’ll keep you posted…

I’m sure in this mammomaniacal culture everyone will love them. I don’t see what the big deal is with breast size. Shape maybe, but not size.

Nothig wrong with that. Hey if it makes you happy thats all that counts. I know every guy will be :slight_smile:

I totally agree with you here. The fascination was not just with the size. You can obtain ‘large’ asthetically beautifull and absolutley flawless breasts…

Hmmm. I have mixed emotions about fake tits. Most women, in my opinion, get them to make up for self esteem issues, or personalities of which they lack. They think that the fake tits will make raise their self confidence. Why? I guess that most women think that big breasts are what make them desireable and a woman. I for one, and I’m sure I am the minority here, do not like big fake tits. To me they scresm “stripper”, or “materialistic gold digger” But there are exceptions I guess. If you truly do have a gymnast body, and you are very lean, i.e. six pack & nice muscular legs then, I cant imagine you would have much left up top. But 31DD? Obviously people around you will notice the “before” and “after” you? Did you want that profound of an effect?

A fake chest does not bother me from my end of it. To be honest, when it comes down to it, breast size does not matter at all to me - I like all sizes. Some shapes I could do without, though. It’s funny, but I’ve only touched one fake rack in a sexual manner, and that was only about a year ago. I had never thought about that until I did it, but it really didn’t bother me in the slightest. My only worry is that the woman might lose some sensation in her nipples. That would bother me somewhat, because the point of a sexual encounter for me is to make the other person “happy”, and reduced sensitivity could take away some of that happiness. As long as your breast are somewhat within the realm of reality for breasts, I have no problems with it. Large breasts will also get guys’ attention, even many (but not all) of those that say they aren’t breast men.

Anna-I love the enhanced ones. Any women who gets that done is serious about looking good. Guys love that. Especially this one!

Are they so big people can see them from the back?

I worked in mammography research for a number of years and at the radiology conferences there were some very startling (i.e. gross & gory) poster presentations on breast surgery of women with implants where the implant ruptured or had some other damage. It was a mess. These research posters were describing the problems involved in trying to clean up the mess and what ways they attempted to fix it up.

I’ve really got to wonder … you try so hard to achieve a low body fat percentage, and be healthy, and you go and do this. I see it along the same lines as smoking. I hate implants on a woman because it almost always looks unnatural. Two female friends of mine actually had breast reduction surgery, for health reasons. I’m all for that, but not at all for implants.

And a question to all the guys: What do you think of pectoral implants for men? Personally I think that it is equally dumb. And if you do too, but like breast implants on women, consider your double-standard.

Thanks so much for your input. I personally feel that my new ones feel better than the real thing, like a firm muscle. If they are done right by far look better too!

No they are not so huge you can see them from the back!

I agree some women to get breast implants for entirely the wrong reasons. However: as far as ‘‘lack of self asteem, lack of personality’’ or watever. These are all issues you have to resolve in yourself, not through buying a pair of knockers my friend! The point of boobs screaming, ‘‘Gold Digger and Stripper’’. Those are the most misguided and stereo-typical opinions still to inhabit the planet. What about us bodybuilders? Looked down on as musclebound morons. Not so! Many of us have Phd’s to our names and so on! However: I am sure there are those that do fit that bill? Getting this operation was by far the easiest decision and was not taken lightly. Your comparison of boob jobs being just ‘‘as bad as smokeing’’ is a total fallacy. I most certainly not smoke 80 odd fags a day mate! I take it you would agree that ‘‘masturbating will make you blind…’’ Then blind it is old chap!

I will assure you that I have lost absolutely ‘no’ sensation in my nipples and all is intact! This is because I did not go through the nipple, but underneath the breast. Loss of sensation is usually entirely dependent on where the incision is made.

I think you should read MDCP’s message it refers to you both!

First let me say I see nothing wrong with getting (or not getting) a boob job. I feel like if the woman wants it, she should get it. I think it is STUPID however for boyfriends/husbands to pressure their women into getting one. That said I personally LOVE big tits on a woman, so I’d probably find your “new physique” bloody fab as well. lol.

I have no problem with implants, however I do question the jump from A to DD. Seems excessive to me (knowing nothing else about you). While I (like a lot of men) appreciate a well-put-together woman, there IS a limit to breast size. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that DDs would “get in the way” of everyday activities. Just my $.02.

Bravo to you! I’m glad you’re not shy about improving what nature gave you, by whatever means are at your disposal. As you can tell, there are mixed reactions to augmented women (cosmetic surgery in general) on this board. I, for one, am all for any improvements one can make - be it in diet and exercise, by getting braces/caps/bleaching for teeth, dyeing hair, tanning, cosmetic surgery, or any other means. I think that categorizing some of the above as “good/acceptable” and some as “bad/vain-glorious” is ridiculous.

I do have a few questions, if you don’t mind. Did you have them done here in the US or elsewhere? How is it possible to go from an A to a DD? I ask because I’ve known a chickie that did a 2 cup size augmentation and had an extremely painful recovery due to the amount of skin stretching involved. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to have a 4 cup increase.