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Bonus Points or Discounts for Recruiting


I?ve been a member now for many years and I passionately indorse this site and products to all my friends and anyone who asks questions. I know I am responsible for at least 4 people who now regularly make orders.

I think it would be nice if there were a way for members to get discounts or bonuses if someone joins or orders and mentions the member?s user name who suggested the site to them.

Am I sounding greedy or would this be cool?



Consider your compensation all the great info and motivation gained by using the site----gratis


I agree, earlier this year a friend I work out with let me try his shake a couple times and I started ordering in bulk to take advantage of the free ship'n. Just the other week, I got my friend hooked. I think a lil bonus would be nice- and good business too.

Even on the order form, it has a spot to add discounts.


A little bonus like keeping this website open?

Buy Biotest because it's the best. Recommend it to your friends because it's the best. Are you going to recommend it to more people because you might save a couple of bucks, or because it's the best?


Frankly, a couple of bucks.