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Bonez217 Bench Fail



Sorry bro





Things I've "learned" from bones:

Vitamin and mineral deficits do not contribute to poor health or well being.

Caloric deficit is not a viable weight loss strategy.

Alcohol makes you feel different than alcohol.


You call that a mask?

You got nothing on me Bonez.



I don't know what you're referring to for any of those three things, but I've learned a shit-ton from bonez.

Possibly the most helpful member on the site, IMO.


Yeah, Bonez definitely knows his stuff when it comes to the iron game. He's got what works for himself dialed in pretty tight.

Houstonguy on the other hand fucks fatties for a living.

Need I say more??


Also tweety bird, those squats aren't parallel but keep at it. Nice form on the deadlifts, definitely got more in the tank.

Edit: 2 of the videos they were high, I should have made note of that originally.


Possibly the most helpful member on the site, IMO

X 1,000,000








Yep, from what I have seen of BONEZ' posts, he's a very knowledgeable individual who calls it like he sees it.

T-Nation needs more guys like him


Really, Ive seen his pics and the shit he posts hes just a regurgitating peice of shit like half the other people on this forum. 5'8 200 ish sorta low body fat levels NOT NATURAL. Thats lame when all he does is advise new/ young people to eat and lift more. Sounds like a hypocrite to me.


How does he know what it takes to grow and build muscle naturally when he's not? Thats not "real" experience.


How do you do what his gains have been from ASA?


Crazyj... good lord... I should just let Bonez reply but he hasn't commented in this thread yet and the stupidity of your post offended me as well...

1) I'm sure the first day Bonez picked up a weight he started taking steroids, and has been on them ever since. No natural progress made. /sarc

2) You don't take steroids and magically get huge. The same rules apply for diet/training, adjusting for better recovery and and you will gain more muscle/strength on steroids obviously.

3) You don't even have a picture up and you're calling him on his 5'8 200 pound lean physique.

4) Virtually anyone who knows anything about steroids, including those who have taken them, will tell new/young people to eat/lift more and to stay away from steroids. That is not hypocritical. I should not have to explain this one.

5) Once again, I've seen him (and it seems so have many others) give a ton of great advice, not just posting like a "regurgitating piece of shit like half the people on this forum..." if that's how you feel why are you on this forum at all?


Bonez has commented many times why(by choice) he is not larger; that's not an applicable criticism.


That's cool bro. But I'll take a fat chick between women you only see in magazines.


I will kick bonzes ass