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Bones and Joints Crackin

Between heavy lifting, high intensity cardio and 200 plus golf swings a day, it seems like every joint in my body is cracking all the time.

Will glucosamine and chondrotin help lubricate the joints and get rid of all the cracking? I’ve read promising reveiws, but personal experience from anyone here would be appreciated. Thanks!

yes, they will help I would suggest one that contains MSM as well or simply just MSM.

Another thing that helps is your good fats. Are you getting them.?

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the insight Phil.

Good point on the EFAs. I tend not to get enough. I usually either eat 100 grams of carbs while cutting or 300 grams of crabs, while attempting to put on muscle. Protein always stays at least 1.5x lbm, but fats always tend to stay below 30 grams.

I’ll try to get more. Thanks again.


Just want to echo Phills point regarding oils. I take about 5g per day of Fish Oils. I think it helps in many areas including joints. I also like MSM.

One more thing that has worked for me is an enzyme product called “Wobenzym.” I read about the product on this very forum just over one month ago. I had some pain in my thumbs (bottom part-joint) I followed directions and took it twice per day 3 tablets each (they are small) on an empty stomach. Took them before bed and then again early afternoon.

The pain is about 80% gone, and I am thrilled! I just reordered a bottle of 800 tablets. From what I have read the key with taking enzymes is to make sure that you take them on an empty stomach as directed.

Good Luck

Does it hurt when they crack? Our team doctor usually goes by the “if it doesn’t hurt then don’t worry about it” philosophy.

Nothing hurts. It’s just strange that they crack all the time.

I want to put this issue to rest before it has the potential to become a real issue.

Thanks for all your input.